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The journey of a thousand miles begins with you

27 Jan 2015   Shanti Gowans

Sometimes we re forced to take action… which in turn creates a reaction, although not always the reaction you might be expecting or wanting.


For you to accomplish your goals and achieve what you want, you need to take inspired action.


Reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music can all be a form of inspiration, and a great source of motivation. They can inspire you to get up and take the action that you need to achieve what you want.


• Focus on one thing at a time. Too much leads to overwhelm and inaction.

• Set goals and take small steps towards your goals.

• Enjoy whatever inspires you, then take immediate action.

• Until you are committed, you will encounter hesitancy, the chance to draw back and always ineffectiveness.


We all have changes we would love to make with our health and in our lives, but many of us struggle with balancing priorities and daily duties.


Some of us may be reluctant to even set a specific goal because we know if we don’t live up to our goals we will feel even more like a failure. If this is the case, what if, instead of setting a huge goal you first try to take small positive steps that will lead you towards your bigger goals. Work into change gently, so you don’t get frustrated and give up.


Start your journey today. 


Some people say they want a change in their life, but are hesitant and seem to be waiting to know everything about how they will accomplish that change and what their ‘new life’ will be like. They wait and wait and wait to know the answer without starting on the path to change. What if, when we were children, we were told that we couldn’t walk because walking requires balance and coordination - skills which clearly we didn’t have - so not to bother even trying, because we would surely fall down. We could still be crawling around on our bottoms, or crawling on our bellies.


In all acts of initiative and creation, the ignorance of one elementary truth, i.e. committment, will kill countless ideas and splendid plans. The moment you definitely commit, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help you that would never have otherwise occurred.


When you consider that ships leave ports every day to start a voyage to a destination across the ocean, and airplanes leave airports many times a day to fly to a city, often thousands of miles away, yet the ship’s captain, or an airplane pilot cannot see their destination for over 90% of the voyage. Those ship captains and airplane pilots know that if they start the journey, and use the training and tools available to them to reach their destination, and allow for flexibility in their routes to avoid bad weather, they will reach their destination.


Joining the dots, you will reach your destination, if you:

  • Start on your path to change your life
  • Use the training and tools available to you, and there is nothing superior to Shanti Yoga for this
  • Allow for flexibility to overcome unknown obstacles

‚Äč Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it now. Sure you may stumble, you may even fall down, but you must pick yourself up and keep taking the next step.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Begin today.


You don't have to traverse oceans, climb mountains, conquer new languages. But you still have to explore. You still need to get away from what you know.


This means getting away from what is holding you back. Go for it. Walk until you can't anymore. Catch a bus to the end of the line. Book the only flight you can afford and wing it to wherever it takes you. Meet people who challenge you, make you feel emotion. Just meet people. New people. See things that you have never seen. Be frightened. Be overwhelmed. Be inspired.


Let go of limiting beliefs.


Be surprised by the humbling beauty of strangers. Notice how the language barrier dissolves when it comes to moments of sincere kindness. Notice how the world conspires to help when you need it most. Notice how the world opens up before a genuine smile. Fall in love with a human being you haven't yet spoken a word to. Fall in love with a stranger you've just shared your life story with. Fall in love. 


And fall out of love with anything that makes your heart grow cold or weary.


leave and come back with eyes anew. Feel respect. Feel humbled. Feel small and infinite at once. Feel grateful for your simple existence. Gain perspective.


Here's how you can make a start:


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Be blessed. With love, Shanti


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