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The Shanti Path

6 Apr 2014   Shanti Gowans
If you’re trying to live an authentic spiritual life in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, you’ve probably noticed that many of the spiritual paths and practices we’ve inherited from the ancient traditions, can seem a bit outdated and out of step with modern life. As many of us have left behind various traditions, organised religions and mythical notions of God, we’ve wondered what kind of spiritual path and practices could take their place, that would have genuine relevance to our lives and our world here and now.

The Shanti Path steps into that void, breathing fresh life into spirituality, with a wealth of practices and perspectives, that help us to imagine and live while providing a way forward. It sheds light on the most urgent, rich, challenging and important questions facing spiritually minded people in our complex, modern world.

We recognise that for the future of consciousness and a spiritual culture, we must weave together spirit, science, philosophy and psychology. The role and purpose of spirituality in our lives, and in our time, is towards a deeper connection. We need to embark upon the intimate, compelling portrait of new possibilities and potentials for a spiritual paradigm that can evolve with us. The kind of path that is necessary to lead us to wellbeing and wholesomeness, makes sense. Enlightenment helps us create a better world here and now, travel along a much needed spiritual path, and be a person who evolves to serve the evolutionary needs of humanity, as well as our own deepest yearnings.

Through the insights, practices and perspectives offered by the interactive path of Shanti Yoga, you can
  • completely transform the way you experience and respond to crises in your life
  • resolve tension between “living a spiritual life” and “being engaged in the world”
  • avoid the surprising limitations that trying to “work on yourself” can create
  • become more comfortable and effective within large-scale systems and with change
  • respond constructively when you encounter doubt and struggle on your spiritual path
  • integrate the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions with the insights of modern science and Western psychology
  • navigate the 'marketplace' of spiritual offerings and avoid the 'cafeteria approach' to 'so-called' spiritual practice
  • overcome contemporary uneasiness regarding spiritual 'gurus' and make mature, informed decisions about finding and working with an authentic teacher

You can also learn vital practices that you can use immediately, such as daily exercises that will improve your general sense of wellbeing and happiness, rapidly deepen your ongoing meditation practice and clarify your highest intentions.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat, meditation cushion, at our spiritual talks, walks and at retreats.

Love and blessings,


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