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The universe is a mirror of your heart

1 Jul 2016   Shanti Gowans
The universe is a mirror of your heart. 
This is how we are all deeply connected to the Universe
and with each other.
Your heart is universal and is real. 
The moment you start living with your heart 
you feel the beauty and aliveness that is inherently within you 
reflected around you. 
Compassion arises from within the heart. 
When you are with yout heart 
you help and care for others truly, 
and with kindness 
because you genuinely feel that we are all one.
Feel the love in your heart. 
It is very peaceful. 
You can be relaxed and present. 
Living with heart, you connect with your very source,
and encounter the universal experience of Love. 
Mind needs heaps of distraction and attention…
This and that, that and this…
analyse, figure out, organise, 
various unwanted concepts and knowledge 
taken from outside world
connect it to the outside world.  .
Love in the mind is all about benefits
… ‘what’s in it for me?’ 
:and the choice whether mind or heart? 
Live within your heart in every moment. 
Start now.
Feel this grandest experience from this very moment. 
You can release light, expansion, unconditional love, happiness and contentment 
that will completely free you. 
Heart is the heart of everything…
it is also the heart of your mind.


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