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Time does not exist. The Present is reality

11 Mar 2018   Shanti Gowans
Present, Past and Future are a figure of speech.
We break time down into units that we can measure
and believe that time is some fixed resource 
that needs to be managed, controlled and manipulated.
This keeps us unaware
of our true nature
and magnificence
as unlimited spiritual beings.
Phenomenally we only know Past and Future…
and Future only when it is already Past,
the so-called Present
is an entirely imaginary line of demarcation,
of which no trace exists,
similar to lines of longitude, latitude or the equator.
The Past is a memory,
an idea, an object of consciousness.
The Future is an image,
another idea, another object of consciousness.
The so-called Present,
which we never know until it is Past,
is therefore also an idea, a notion, an object of consciousness.
None of them is real,
each is imaginery.
When you think there is a finite amount of time available to you
you end up thinking of yourself only as a physical entity,
here on this tiny planet
for only one attempt at life.
What would change if you had a whole new perspective on time?
Time is not linear at all.
It is not finite,
and your existence cannot be measured by time.
You are not even limited to this dimension, this lifetime, or this body.
Time does not exist.
Past and future are a duality.
The 'Present' is a concept 
applicable to the timeless state
of the Awakened.
The eternal present,
the now moment,
the interval between thoughts,
which we normally never perceive,
is eternal and real.
What would happen if you woke up to a while new paradigm of reality
that is not limited by our current paradigm of time, space or physicality?
You and the entire universe are timeless energy
being experienced in a unique way that you create.
Creating your own paradigm of time
and living in that reality
sounds empowering and fun.
Let go of control.
Make friends with uncertainity.
Burn for what matters.
It doesn't happen all at once.
Manage your crises
with the same art you display through your blessings.
Accept that some things must dies
so that others can live;
that your decay is as important as your rising.
Love the beauty, love the beast, love the process
love yourself.
Develop a relationship with your self before any other selves.
Youa fre the key and door to you.
Nobody else can love you like you need,
if you don't love you first.


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