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Whine or Wisdom?

21 Feb 2016   Shanti Gowans

Often life from the outside can look pretty good, even amazing, and people might sometimes wonder to themselves, '“How could s/he possibly want more'?” But deep inside if your hidden secret is that you long for more... more meaning, more desire, more impact, more passion, more ease, more joy, more freedom... more of that “special something” that can be hard to put words to …the magic”, read on.

It can be challenging to admit this desire for “more if you have been powerfully conditioned to not be “too much,” to not want “too much”, and to not have “too much.” This conditioning gets in our bones, our cells, our very being... and can keep us feeling empty, small or unfulfilled on a very deep level. So...
We settle for “good enough” instead of awesomely great
We settle for comfort instead of authentic self-expression
We settle for safety instead deep, soul-stirring satisfaction
What do your actions and your life show you? What incidents and lessons resonate the most for you? Which of these do you apply in your life? 

There is a difference between 'panning for gold' in your email inbox, facebook or utube video, versus going out to the places where what you need is available, in abundance.

It's easy to get sucked into becoming an information junkie. Seminars, books, training courses... there are so many, and they all sound like they 'could' be what you need. So how do you know what's nothing more than a shiny object, as opposed to a resource that will genuinely help you grow to new heights?

Simply sitting through a webinar or training course might feel like you are taking action, but really you are in 'absorb' mode instead of 'act' mode. To benefit from this type of resource, you have to risk investing yourself in the process and working hard, despite the possibility of it not paying off.

Before you make that investment, pay for those resources with your money or with your equally valuable time, ask yourself:

• Does what this teaches align with my goals, my needs, my desires and purpose? 

You attract the dominant energy you’re vibrating. Why happens too frequently to call it a coincidence? Is the vibration around you, your home, your place of work feel like the best and most safe place to thrive for energy that can’t think, only sense. Can you feel the vibration of happiness and helpfulness - helping others to be successful?

• Do I have the time and energy to truly commit myself to this, not only to make a study of it, but to actively implement what I learn? 

You have a lot more time than you think. Take a look at where you waste your time. What you give your attention to blossoms. Consider what is important and notice how time opens up if you schedule things differently. Having time is a conversation about prioritising your activities

• Do I trust the source? Do they feel real? Do they have real students I can talk to, whose success stories are genuine and realistic representations of the outcomes most hard-working students can expect to achieve?

 Your body is a miracle. Do you trust your body?  Is your body in tune with nature? Thank mother Nature for showing you the way…

If you can answer "yes" to each of those questions, then you've found a good investment. If the answer is "no" or "I'm not sure" then you'll serve your life better by looking elsewhere.

Don't become an addict forever seeking one more quick fix. Step into your gifts and own your excellence. Become the owner of your destiny by choosing well and working hard to achieve lasting success. 

Doing what you love feeds your heart and soul, therefore life becomes easier. Completely open your heart to another level during your day, so that it feels like moments of bliss and meditation. Being in the moment of what is most important creates an enormous flow of inspiration and productivity, which gives you time in the end. What activity can you add to your day that feeds your soul? 

Start listing them here…



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