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Why I write

29 Sep 2018   Shanti Gowans
Writing for me is like being human. 
I eat, sleep, meditate and so I write. 
Like any other fine art, craft or practice, 
writing needs your whole life in order to master it.
Trying to find the right words to express an inner world, 
authentically, imperfectly and unapologetically, 
my wish for every human being I meet, 
is that you too explore and express yourself 
through any art you feel expressive with. 
Writing for me is like breathing, 
a lifelong practice
I cannot imagine living and loving life without.  
It is the backbone of my art, my work, my teaching. 
It has allowed me to connect with 
and inspire hundreds of thousands of you, 
from around the world. 
My writing doesn’t just inform, 
it quietly transforms. 
It doesn’t just tell you, 
it shows you how to listen to your soul,
live through your life experiences, 
and make life more meaningful through it’s expression. 
The chaos, desire, shadows in your soul 
have a legitimate, healthy way out. 
It is sad that the materialistic world 
does not honour art 
as the ultimate proof and requirement of life. 
Instead of fearing a life 
without materialistic success,
external validation
or approval from x,y and z, 
we need to fear more
a life without beauty, art and soul. 
No one can teach you how to be moved, 
but I can show you how to listen 
to the part in you that is moved, 
how to nourish your intensity, 
alchemise your fire 
and use your creativity 
into more reasons to keep burning. 
No one can be your voice,
or find it for you,
but I encourage you 
to trust and love it free.
Holding the torch, 
step here,
and here
not there… it’s a trap.
Breathe out, breath in,
keep going
the journey


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