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24 Jun 2014   Shanti Gowans

Winning often gets a bad rap. It often evokes baggage such as disempowering beliefs and fears for many people. Whilst we hear a lot about failure, it's just as likely people have a fear of success - which is really a fear of the consequences of success. Perhaps they're afraid of how their friends and loved ones might react if they have more than them. Or maybe they're afraid they won't be able to repeat their win. Or maybe they're afraid it will be too much work to keep up with. This kind of thinking will get you nowhere - fast.

With limiting beliefs like that, you'll never be motivated, live up to your potential, or really feel happy. The point is, you can't ever get away from playing games, because life is a game and we must learn how to play the game of life.

However, everything that is not about winning is about resistance, which is not just the opposite of winning - it's the opposite of inspiration. You must recognise your resistance for what it is, and be your own guide to get out of it. Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means doing better than you've ever done before.

Be blessed. With love, Shanti. 


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