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You are amazing

25 May 2016   Shanti Gowans
Unfortunately, ninely percent of humanity
is functioning well below their potential.
You do not ahve to be better than someone else,
but you should not be anything less than what you can be.
Stand out. Be exceptional. Be ustoppable,
with everything you do.
Stand out beyond what anyone else expects.
Outperform even your own expectations.
Be the best that you can be on Planet Earth,
with your commitments, in your vocation, your relationships, your life.
The seeds of greatness and exceptionality
are already within you.
You are irreplacable.
In everything you do, 
be so excellent,
that life can not ignore you.
Use your brain and body
rather than have your brain and body use you.
When your mind, body and old habits use you,
you don’t change,
because you are linking very great pleasure
to do what you keep doing,
and to change it all means pain for you.
Your genes want to survive,
and to accomplish this
they have programmed your mind and body
in a way where you will do anything 
to avoid pain and gain pleasure.
The steep learning curve is to use pain and pleasure
instead of having pain and pleasure use you.
If you do that, you’re in control of your life. 
If you don’t, life controls you
In an instant, you can change virtually everything in your life, 
if you start by utilising the principle of pain and pleasure. 
Logic does not work.
It must be a deep emotion of pain and pleasure.
You want to be healthy?
Stop smoking, drinking, doing drugs… even off the counter ones. 
Desserts are not the main meal that provides nourishment.
Get rid of any destructive habits.
Create the most empowering environment around yourself.
You are your environment 
and this is your most significant influence. 
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
Visualise, believe and have the most explosive outstanding attitude
Your potential is unlimited, 
yet how much of it do we tap into? 
Very little. 
How to further tap into your potential? 
Visualise results that install belief in yourself. 
Do it over and over again. 
Wake up each day with the most optimistic attitude. 
Make your attitudes best friends as well. 
Instead of worry, doubt, fear, indecision and procrastination, 
cultivate creativity, joy, deep love, empathy, 
enthusiasm, confidence, enlightenment, power, and certainty. 
Cultivate all the best emotions 
that your body and brain are capable off. 
This will bring out the best in you 
and enable you to tao into more of your potential. 
Train yourself to be the best in a situation. 
Destructive and negative emotions 
are only useful for a moment, 
for a second or two, then just move on. 
Train yourself to feel the best that life has to offer. 
By aiming for the best states and attitudes, 
you will accomplish more in one year 
than most people in their lifetime.
Change limiting beliefs;
these are the smoke amd mirrors that stopsyou; 
they are nothing. 
Rather, install new beliefs such as, 
“If I can visualise and see it, I can make it happen.”
Eliminate and silence self-sabotage 
and destructive mind beliefs.
Do not let them control you.
Being this consciousness 
and this developed as a human being 
is the most extraordinary gift and miracle.
See everything as an opportunity, 
regardless of the outcome.
Make prompt and quick decisions.
A decision is a decision when you decide 
you have no other possible way to retreat or look back. 
When you decide it is unchangeable 
unless some path leads to the greater outcome 
and your greater desire.
Right now, you can decide to change anything
That power is within you, right now.
Don’t procrastinate on your biggest dreams.
Don’t say someday, don’t say tomorrow. 
You won’t do it! 
Go for your dream right now
start working on it, right now.
Most people dwell on decisions for years and months 
and in the end, they don’t even make that decision. 
They wait for life to hand it to them. 
Don’t wait. 
Be different.
Time will ruthlessly pass by 
leaving you filled with regret on your deathbed. 
Imitate as close as possible your masters and outperform them.
Don’t waste your time on the Planet. 
If you want to achieve something, 
there is someone who already has what you want! 
Pick their brains, read their book, blog, or video on YouTube. 
Once you get the strategy, apply it. 
You will have a strategy that took that person 
10 – 20 years of hard work to figure it out.
More importantly, remember being exceptional and standing out.
When you find your master for a particular area, 
apply the principals and improve your life. 
The results will exceed your expectations.
The world will be your oyster.
There are strategies all around you 
for anything you want. 
Do what he or she says, 
or what he or she does. 
Imitate as closely as possible.
Develop deep empathy, the highest social intelligence and cultivate an understanding of people.
You will do everything in your life through people. 
Those who understand what makes a person tick, 
will make the most of their existence and time here. 
You have to know what moves people 
and understand them. 
You have to delve deep into reality 
and see people as they are. 
Understanding people is a power 
that is accessible to all of us, 
and you must master it. 
Otherwise, you will have very big conflicts, 
confusions, and emotional drains 
and your career, business or relationships will suffer.
Never give in. Never.
Most people give up 
just before they reach success 
or breakthrough in their life. 
During the hardest moments, 
empower yourself. 
You will face many rejections and pain, 
setbacks, losses and temporary defeats, 
but never give in. 
Even it requires many failures, don’t quit. 
If you quit, you can’t win. 
Learn from experience 
and keep going towards your dream. 
That’s how you learned to walk, eat, talk, and drive.
“Before success comes in any man’s life, 
he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, 
and, perhaps, some failure. 
When defeat overtakes a man, 
the easiest and most logical thing to do 
is to quit. 
That is exactly what the majority of men do. 
More than five hundred 
of the most successful men this country has ever known 
told the author their greatest success came 
just one step beyond the point at which 
defeat had overtaken them.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich
Shanti Yoga is the act of taking your mind and body to their greatest possibilities. This requires belief, mental tenacity, openness and imagination. Shanti Yoga has many practices that you will soon integrate into your unconscious. It is the journey during which what, at first, is new, becomes more familiar though steadfast practice and, as you feel yourself changing, you will indeed be changing at an unconscious level. The passage is one of understanding the past, being aware of what works and why and fulfilling your reasons for being.
Realisation of your destiny requires unrelenting practice, and the taking of risks. A willingness to explore new ideas and openness with yourself and others will allow you to live in the moment thereby releasing your suppressed potential. This program combines eastern philosophy with western scientific research. This innovative approach is a paradigm shift in the delivery of individual and team improvement. By acknowledging your own destiny you cannot but enable others to recognise theirs.
Over 2 thousand years ago the ancient Greeks and Roman Stoics developed the philosophical principles of Premedatio Malorem (to prepare, in advance, for adversity). Using and modifying thought processes and ways of living developed by the Eastern Taoist and Buddhist religions the Stoics provided a sound platform for the ultimate in personal development.
Lost in time these ancient teachings have now been recovered and combined with modern research and evidenced based fact to provide a paradigm shift in individual improvement.
The most exciting thing about the Path to your destiny is the comprehension of your own magnificence. 
Welcome to the next steps on your journey.
It starts here.


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