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Your generosity will come back 10 fold and more

29 Jun 2014   Shanti Gowans

Aparigraha, Non-greed; Generosity

To be generous is to freely give to others in all kinds of ways. As you share your blessings, you set a brilliant example of unselfishness. You will find that giving to others brings you a satisfying joy.

Your generosity indicates that you are a warm-hearted person who cares about those around you, and that people think with kindness. Sharing your time with others is one way you can consciously increase your generosity each day. For example, as an act of generosity, you could focus some time in helping your co-worker who asks you a question. Sometimes, simply stopping what you are doing and listening is a way you show your generosity. You might donate your unneeded items to people who can use or share them, or to a local shop that supports worthy causes. You could help support worthy charities with time or monetary donations.

Today, strive to be generous to everyone you come into contact with. Generosly shows others kindness, caring, and willingness to take the time to help. The more generous you become, the more fulfillment you will receive in your life as a result.

Self-Reflection questions for today:

  1. When I reflect on the generous people I know, do I see myself as one of them?
  2. How do I demonstrate generosity?
  3. If I vowed today to perform 3 generous actions, what would they be and to whom would I be generous?

Be blessed. With love, Shanti


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