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Your holiness: Parent, Sibling, Mr President, whoever…Can you see yourself as you are?

6 Feb 2017   Shanti Gowans
Can you see yourself just as you are,
through your deceitful speech, 
your manipulative ego, 
your arrogant mental posturing, 
and your suppressed doubts, insecurities and apprehensions?
Can you see how you use verbal and emotional abuse 
to demean and control others?
Can you see how you bully and intimidate 
those who seek to clarify the truth 
and who would question your opinions and perceptions?
Can you see through your subtle tactics
to make people feel that they are never enough,
and how you maliciously attack 
the character and reputation of good people 
because they challenge your inconsistent, narcissistic, 
and contradictory way of being?
Can you see how you use a strategy 
where you malign and denigrate others, 
then you wholly deny you ever did so, 
and finally you extend to them 
your fabricated praise and false admiration 
to make them emotionally ripe for manipulation?
Even with wealth and power, 
you will always be afraid 
that people will finally come to see the truth.
You cover up your small-mindedness
by proclaiming your greatness and smartness
to yourself, and the world at large. 
Your emotional armouring 
and instant defensiveness 
are the chains that keep you in bondage.
Can you see through your obsession 
for gaining fame and power 
for your own benefit? 
You say you want to serve all the people before yourself, 
but your daily words and actions show otherwise. 
You stubbornly believe that you know everything, 
entrench yourself in dishonesty and deception, 
speak lies and falsehoods 
to bend the minds of others, 
and constantly suppress your arising feelings 
of guilt, ignobility, and shame.
Many people might see you
as an extremely shrewd and successful billionaire. 
However, this does not make you
a noble and honourable human being. 
Can you see how deeply afraid you are
that you might experience 
all your repressed flaws and failings?
Someday, the flowering sword of truth will catch up with you; 
it will cut you down to size 
and you will know that you are a just a finite, fallible human being.
That day will be very hard on you, 
yet it will free you from your bondage; 
it will liberate your nobility, authenticity, and integrity; 
it will grace you with the treasures 
of self-forgiveness, wisdom, and compassion, 
and it will bless you with a boundless empathy 
that is now far beyond your imagination.
A great man has littleness within himself, 
but he is willing to truthfully see 
where pettiness and smallness enters 
into his thinking, speaking, and acting. 
A great man acknowledges the threat 
to uprightness and lucidness 
that comes from arrogance, pomposity, prejudice and pettiness. 
A great man is willing to be shaped 
by the flowering sword of truth 
and begin again with humility and unfabricated confidence. 
A great man acknowledges and accepts 
the wisdom of being 
a simple and ordinary human being 
in the sea of humanity.
Please realise that there is genuine hope 
for an amasing transformation 
as a noble, decent, honorable, and upright human being. 
Wake up to the still brilliance of your core-Self 
that is far beyond
all of your grasping, acquiring, owning, and attaining. 
Exhibit your greateness 
by sincerely acknowledging your bondage 
to egotism, conceit and boastfulness and
honestly see yourself just as you are, 
warts and all,
Compassionately forgive yourself, 
and always confidently begin again …
to honour our single humanity in all people, 
to selflessly serve others just for the sake of serving them, 
and to creatively engage yourself in the awesome power
of our collective interdependency, 
to advance the remarkable future of a great country 
and the world.
This is a mirror, a call out and challenge to all of us 
to honestly see ourselves just as we are, 
to stand steadfast in the truth 
with courage, humility, and integrity, 
to always trust the pristine clarity of our beginner’s heart-mind, 
to wholly live from the still brilliance of our core-Self, 
and all the while gather together
to express the power of our boundless intimacy, 
our openhearted decency,
and our basic goodness.   


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