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9/11 Ten Years Later

15 Sep 2011   Shanti Gowans
My dear friends and beloved students,
During this 10th anniversary of 9-11, 
although many beings have lost their lives, 
their minds really can never die. 
And as all our minds are connected, 
we can help each other by cultivating love and compassion.
May all sentient beings have happiness, and love, 
which is the cause of happiness. 
May all sentient beings be free from suffering, and self-grasping, 
which is the cause of suffering..
Kindness and love go hand in hand 
and are what to use to overcome the U-Me script. 
Today, and everyday, let us offer all our kindness and love. 
I hope you will keep this dear to your heart, 
as this is the essence for all happiness in your current and future lives. 
It is the essence of the Shanti yoga teachings. 
If you have love in your heart, even those who hate you 
will eventually become your friends. 
Our actual enemies are hatred, and jealousy in particular. 
External enemies are a temporary illusion 
arising from a deluded thought. 
This thought is impermanent. 
Thoughts come and go. 
Thus if you do not let go of love, 
the anger in others will eventually diminish.
When we love others, we wish for their happiness. 
As our minds are one, if you love others, 
it will pervade their mind and they will thus feel happy. 
Love is the only cause of happiness. 
Its nature is all-pervasive like space. 
Love is the sunlight of the mind.
I would like to extend a warm message to all of you in this sangha.
From lifetime to lifetime, our minds have been connected 
and thus I see you as part of our family. 
What has kept our minds connected from lifetime to lifetime
 is the spiritual bond of love. 
These reminders of loving kindness and compassion’
encourage us again and again to make an effort
to cultivate love with one another. 
Thus, if more people in this world were able to give rise to love, 
peace and happiness would increase. 
Spreading the message of loving kindness
 will contribute to the peace and happiness in this world.


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