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Accepting your Gifts

24 Jan 2016   Shanti Gowans
Peter Parrot came home upset and confused.
“What’s wrong?” his mother asked.
“I hate my stupid beak!” Peter blurted.
“Why do you hate your beak?  I think it’s beautiful,” his mother said reassuringly.
“All of the other birds have much cooler beaks.
Sammy Spoonbill, Pammy Pelican, Harry Hawk, Freddy Finch, all of them!”
Peter’s mother sat silently for a moment. “He may be right,”
she thought to herself, they do have very cool beaks.
“You should go and see Major Macaw, he’ll know what to do.
He’s the wisest of the parrots and lives in the tallest tree in the forest.
Yes, he’ll know what to do,” responded Peter’s mother.
So Peter Parrot flew to the tallest tree in the forest and found Major Macaw.
“Excuse me Major, I have a problem,” said Peter.
“Oh dear, what could it be?” asked the venerable macaw.
“I have a stupid beak. Why can’t I have a cool beak like
Sammy Spoonbill, Pammy Pelican, Harry Hawk or Freddy Finch?”
“You’re right.” said the macaw, “They do have cool beaks.
Tell me Peter, do you like eating worms and crustaceans?”
“Yuck!  That would be disgusting!” responded Peter.
“Well, that’s what the spoonbill’s beak is designed for. What about fish?”
“I couldn’t think of anything worse,” said Peter.
“So, the pelican’s beak wouldn’t work either.”
“What about rabbits and mice?”
“OK, so maybe you shouldn’t aspire to have a hawk’s beak.  Small seeds?”
“They’re not so bad, but my favorite are Brazil nuts!” exclaimed Peter, salivating at the thought.
“That’s lucky, I think I have a few here.  Would you like one?” asked Major.
Peter’s eyes lit up.  “Yes, please.”
“Tell me Peter, if you had the beak of a spoonbill, pelican, hawk or finch,
do you think that you could eat that Brazil nut?”
“I guess not,” said Peter with his mouth full.
“You see, young parrot, you have been designed a certain way, 
with certain skills, attributes and tastes.  Don’t waste your
life being envious of the capacities of others, just make sure
that you know what you’re good at and why you’re here.”
Peter nodded his head in understanding and flew back home much more content.
There is truly no greater gift hou can give yourself 
than being happy and accepting of yourself the way you are.
This story is perfect for you today.
Understanding that you are just the way you are for a reason
is just a wonderful thought.
You were designed for a specific purpose.
Don’t worry about the skills and attributes of others,
they have their own purpose that probably won’t suit you.
We all have the ability to achieve remarkable things in our lives.
Appreciate your gifts and think of the gifts of others as complimentary to yours.


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