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All lives matter

7 Mar 2017   Shanti Gowans

John: All lives matter.
Marsha: All?
John: All.
Marsha: Syrian refugees?
John: Well..
Marsha: LGBTQ lives?
John: The Bible says....
Marsha: Unarmed black men?
John: Should have complied...
Marsha: Poor people on food stamps or some form of assistance?
John: I'm not subsidising laziness....
Marsha: People of different religious faiths than yours, or no religious faith?
John: There's only one true....
Marsha: Here.
John: What's this?
Marsha: It's a dictionary. Before you say "all lives matter" again, look up the word "all." It is toward the front.”

We often face something that we know is not right, such as an injustice, an unfair law or practice, unnecessary cruelty, or even just a natural occurrence that leaves people reeling in its wake. We often want to do something to address this, and yet not really know what can be done.

Organisations will rush in saying you can help by donating money or goods, and this is always an option. But for many of us that is not enough. Then again, some people question the actual effectiveness of charitable organisations, especially when we cannot directly see their effects.

Often it seems that many organisation devoted to change and improving the world actually compete - for funds and followers, instead of working together. This is rather self-defeating. They (we) need to learn to work together for common goals, instead of trying to be the hero or trying to get the acclaim.

One of the concepts of a brave new world nation we can hope to build is to allow all to contribute however they can. No idea is without merit, and no good intention will fall between the cracks. You are able to contribute content, through whatever project or work you are engaged in, and help shape this project into a meaningful and effective agent for change in the world. There are as many ways to change the world as there are people on the planet.

There are compassionate cities and communities and there is a compassionate world. Citizenship is any of all of this has to do is desire to be compassionate. In our own way, we can all become part of the development of One World, on which nations are without borders.

Truth is the eternal, unifying consciousness that dwells in the heart of each individual human being. We access the Truth through our conscience (buddhi in Sanskrit), and the more frequently and attentively we employ this Inner Wisdom in thought, word and deed, this alignment, that union - and unity perfects us. Only the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth frees us to think clearly and fulfill the purpose of life without pain, misery or bondage.



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