26 Mar 2017   Shanti Gowans

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds all living things. Just as the physicality of your being can block light, casting a shadow, the spirituality of your being can radiate light, casting an aura.

An aura looks like a light glow of colour around a body, and reading and interpreting the particular colours of a person's aura can actually tell you a lot about that person. 

We are all born with the ability to see auras, but as no one talks about them, or explains what they mean to us as we are growing up, the ability slips away for most of us. This is similar to the way the majority of people are unaware of shadows which are constantly present, unless they are trained to, for instance, in their importance in photography.

Auras can be layered, and reading and understanding them can be helpful in both social and professional situations and can even help you manage your own state of mind at a given time. They reveal core issues, together with what's going on in the present moment. It is even possible to see the auras of your pets and plants, helping you better care for them and respond to their needs too.

A bright, clean aura represents a good and honest person, and suggests a certain level of spiritual development. Many saints and holy people are depicted with an aura and halo around them.

But if the aura looks dull and chaotic, it can reveal someone who is more psychologically troubled and who may be hiding darker things about themselves.



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