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Blessed action

3 Jan 2016   Shanti Gowans
Even more blessed than waiting for time, is making it.
Even more blessed than waiting to get love, is giving it.
Even more blessed than waiting for money, is providing value and earning it. 
Even more blessed than waiting for the path, is finding it. 
Even more blessed than waiting for opportunity, is creating it. 
Even more blessed than going for less, is getting the best. 
Even more blessed than comparing yourself with others, is being unique. 
Even more blessed than fighting your misfortune is transforming it. 
Even more blessed than avoiding failure is growing from it. 
Don't dwell on mistakes. Learn from them. 
Don't back down. Go around. 
Don't close your eyes. Open your mind. 
Don't run for or from life. Embrace it.
To mimic the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
Your beliefs create your reality every single moment. 
Your everyday life exposes the hidden link between your beliefs and your frequency. 
Change your frequency to change your reality.
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. 
Must have a big 'why' to create a vision for where all this effort is leading…which creates passion in you…which creates focus and 'go' power.  With focus you can get a lot more done in a short period of time.
Must have a written plan, which is simple, highly structured and activity based. 
The emphasis is on boiling everything down to daily actions that can be tracked and measured.
Keystone actions are the core actions that directly produce the results you want. 
Actions create your daily roadmap.
Execution needs to happen daily and weekly, not monthly or yearly (which is why people get more done in November-December, because of crunch time and end of year deadlines).
Schedule 3 performance blocks daily. These are
• strategic blocks: 3 hours long, of action - not including email, phone, voice mail, or any low value activity not directly related to your 12 week outcome.
• buffer blocks: 30-60 minute blocks which alow hyou to catch up on things such as email and low priority/low value activities.
• breakout blocks: away from work 100%. 3 hours long.
All blocks mush be scheduled in advance and adhered to. 
Balance vs keystone commitment. Focused overload in certain areas for 1-3 months can create great results quickly, much like an athelete. Throw yourself into a massive project for 12 weeks to create change. Use this intentional imbalance to get ahead by leaps and bounds instead of slow progression.
Focus on commitments, not feelings. Keep doing what you said you would ro to reach your 12-week goal, long after it stops being fun and sexy. 
Be in the moment, i.e. present at all times in whatever planned activity in which you engage.
Always review your action plan and visualise at the start and end of every day and week,
Measure your results daily and honestly, with heavy focus on whether you took action or not. The key lies in daily numbers: what actions did you take to create the results you want.



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