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Conscious Creation

6 Dec 2015   Shanti Gowans

Conscious creation functions under three main laws. These are: the law of attraction, the law of detachment and the law of Cosmic Action. This trinity of laws forms the perfect creation of all reality. To know and apply these laws together, enables you to master the cretion of your perfect reality.

Perfection is the result of the perfect working of universal forces.

Perfect understanding of universal forces enables perfect reality creation.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like, and what you focus your mind on, is what you attract. Know that the law of attraction is the first step that turns you into a conscious creator of your reality. You create everything with the power of intention. You must become conscious of how everything you experience is created by you. With the awareness of this universal law, you become awakened and live life like a lucid dreamer. You are creating consciously instead of unconsciously.

The law of detachment states that creation is free to be worked on by the universal mind when you mentally and emotionally detach from your intention. Knowing this law enables you to allow your creation-work to happen without sabotaging it. Knowing that the spirit of energy is free and unbounded, when you let go of your intention, you are expressing your true nature as a free spirit. By resonating as your true self, you allow it to carry out the work of creation fully. Detachment allows your creation-work to happen unhindered.

The law of Cosmic Action states that it is the cosmos itself that is creating through you. Knowing this law enables you to allow all your creation-work to be guided by a vaster power. You know that your existence in this dimension is simply a channel for the universal mind to express itself through. Your personal creation is meant to be a portion of the universal creation that is in progress. When you create from this level, your intentions are in alignment with your higher self, the cosmic action stimulates your sleeping brain cells to awaken your hidden talents, therefore everything works out perfectly.


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