9 Sep 2018   Shanti Gowans

You are not who you think you are… because who is doing the thinking?

You might tell yourself that you are a mother, wife, friend, daughter, doctor, lover, husband, traveller, writer, the delivery person, …and so on. You get the picture. But who you we are, as a being on the deepest level, has only a loose relationship with these roles, or the games we play with the mind. We play hide-and-seek and dress-up games that disguise our true nature.

Your true self is who you are beyond any single role or label. When you know and accept your true self, your true nature is expressed by your core beliefs, values and passions, not what your friends, family or society expects of you. Yoga is when you exit the game, and begin the discovery process.

The greatest adventure of our lives is discovering our true nature, who we really are.

Everything in the material world and the universe has two facets - potential (purusha) and how that potential is expressed (prakruti).

Think of your potential as electricity. It can be expressed as turning on a light, the blender or the television.

Your potential has four distinct desires, which are ever present and fluid. They are collectively described as purushartha (for the purpose of the purusha)

- dharma, the desire for purpose, the drive to become who you are meant to be. It is the longing to thrive and in the process to fulfill your unique purpose.It is the drive to fulfill your destiny.

- artha, the desire for the mesns (such as money, security, health) to prosper in this world and help you fulfil your dharma.

- kama, the longing for pleasures in any and all forms, such as intimacy, beauty and love

- moksha, the desire for spiritual fulfillment and lasting freedom.


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