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13 Jan 2016   Shanti Gowans

Have you ever wrestled with forgiving someone, or rebuilding trust after it’s been broken? In terms of forgiving and forgetting, what’s worked for you? Human beings are complex creatures. No matter how good your intentions, you can pretty much guarantee that at some point or another, you’ll hurt those you love. Naturally, you’ll feel hurt by those you trust and love, too. And when you feel that you have been wronged, that’s where things get tricky.

Because as conscious, loving and growth minded people, we all know we ‘should’ forgive. Forgiveness is vital to maintaining long-term relationships. (A fact we cling to when we’re the ones hoping to be forgiven!) 

Studies also indicate that forgiveness helps us lead happier, healthier lives. But sometimes,  that whole ‘forgive and forget’ thing doesn’t quite add up.

There’s a pattern of transgressions. And, something deep within you suspects that just ‘wiping the slate clean’ is not the wisest or safest path ahead,  emotionally, spiritually, financially or physically.

Yet, forgiveness is an enormous subject. Most of us spend our entire lives trying to embrace and embody this virtue. We must also be aware of the unspeakable events that occur, for which forgiveness can seem outside of our current capacity. 

If you’ve ever wondered whether you really need to forgive and forget, meditation may give you a fresh perspective to consider. Because the only way we’ll soothe pain, for ourselves and others, is by accepting and sharing our stories with open hearts and by staying open and willing to the possibility of healing.

With as much love and compassion as you want and need,

Your own… Shantiji







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