3 Jan 2016   Shanti Gowans

On a quiet evening, four candles shone brightly in a beautiful room. You could actually hear their flame.

Said the first candle:
“I am peace! So few do so little for me anymore. I am afraid my end is near”
and so it slowly blew out.

Said the second candle:
“I am faith! Most people make do without me. I feel so unnecessary”
Then a little wind came through the room and blew out faith.

Said the third candle:
“I am love! I have no more energy left. Humanity seems to underestimate me. People have stopped loving even those closest to them!” and love immediately blew out in despair.

Suddenly, a boy came into the room and saw the three blown out candles.
“You’re supposed to stay lit! ” said the boy and burst out in tears.

Said the forth candle
“Don’t worry, my boy, as long as I am lit, we can light the others as well. I am Hope!”

With bright eyes the boy took “hope” and lit the other candles.
The flame of hope must never be blown out.

You know how people say: “Don’t get your hopes up”? What if the opposite is true. 
Get your hopes up.

Hope can make the difference between health and illness, 
between abundance and poverty,
happiness and despair.

Hope will get you out of a dark place and into the light.

Keep the flame of hope alive, no matter what.

Inspire others with the great hope that everything is always working out for all. Well being abounds.



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