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Let there be light

13 Oct 2015   Shanti Gowans
Let there be light
How real, familiar and terrifying
formlessness and darkness can feel
to the uninitiated,
until the statement 
"let there be light" emerges.

Light is merely a word. It could be a synomyn for Truth.
Yet, these are the words, the vibration, the energy,
with which the world begins.
If you let the power of these words wash over you
you will realise that they are addressed to you personally.
Make the thought more and more compelling
and you will recognise a deep yearning within yourself 
to live a certain way.

Despite the world around you influencing you to believe
that you are only valued by your personal possessions,
your achievements, and what shows up as 'success' in worldly eyes,
all human beings are driven and motivated
by an inner need to fulfull a specific calling.
Those who fail to work towards this truth 
have missed their dharma, their purpose of living.
Each being is driven by their own dharma
which drives us to uphold our unique individuality.
What if the goal of life were not to be wealthy, successful
or to leave a financial inheritance to your children?
There is so much more to the human spirit than that.
You could act in ways that would increase light in the world.
What if you were to use whatever time you have left  
to bring more light into the world?
When you live from the light,
when everything you say and do comes from this place of infinite intelligence,
the god space within you,
you connect with and live your purpose. 
Perhaps this is a wiser inheritance you could leave your children. 
Shanti Gowans, ShantiYoga Newsletter Dec 2012


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