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Not Saviour, but Teacher

25 Dec 2017   Shanti Gowans

As I awakened spiritually, as a natural outgrowth of this evolution, I knew that God has no religion, and became an atheist. Yet in my heart I feel a deep appreciation for all our sacred traditions in a global spirituality that truly honours all. I no longer need to adhere to one tradition, but see, honour and revere the sacred truths in every tradition, and the wayshowers who have brought humanity this far. It's no longer about a static set of rules but about the naked, vulnerable and rigorous process of letting go of old ideas of ourselves and our world and opening to the new. 

As a yogi, the idea of a saviour coming to suddenly make your life perfect seems flawed. This saviour must apper miraculously, is supposed to take responsibility for all your sins…so that you can keep sinning, carry the burden, and save anyone who claims to be his follower!

Couple this (faith and hope in the saviour, and charity from the saviour) with a further scapegoat to blame and hate…satan, lucifer, the devil, a beguiling force outside you, who tempts you, like the snake tempted Eve with an apple in the garden of Eden, and you surely have the ingredients for core beliefs that are a recipe for being disempowered. These act as a kind of glass ceiling that has been hindering our growth as we wait for a benevolent someone, anyone…the doctor, priest, politician, (tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, the candlestick maker) will come and change everything, and magically make your life better.
The tendency to look outside for salvation is one of the reasons people remain stuck and seemingly enslaved.
Surely we must move on so that our evolution is less about worshipping one man and rehearsing stories of his life, and much more about our continued evolution as a human species that we would not only do the works that he has done, but that we will do even greater works.
Jesus speaks into the core of where we are headed as a human race. It is about the quality of Being that resides in all of us, the capacity within us to literally become divine, to incarnate the upper octave of our being into embodied form and become expressions of God. This dimension of consciousness is one in which we are all deeply connected with the entire shimmering field of the cosmos.
What is inspiring is a loving teacher and role model to emulate. To celebrate the life of Jesus, is to celebrate a being who integrated his humanness with his godliness while embodied on the Earth. Jesus demonstrated tremendous powers, such as healing, manifestation, teaching and creating miracles. However, those powers  were never used for personal fortune, fame or power. Someone deeply spiritual, and directly connected with God (not the God of Religion), who exemplifies the qualities  of love and compassion. He accepted people as they were and tried only to raise their consciousness. He wasn’t afraid to risk his life to call out those who abused power for personal gain. He accepted everyone who wanted to learn without regard for race, religion, sex, or age. We can look at these qualities as a wonderful example of how to live a conscious life in the service of humanity. It’s time for each of us to more deeply embody this consciousness of love, compassion and oneness in order to help manifest the heaven on Earth that was so beautifully exemplified by Jesus’ life. Follow this example of how to live a purposeful life of service to humanity, and create a fulfilling life yourself. In this case, you will be the saviour of humanity in your own sphere of influence.
You have the power to take responsibility for creating your own life. You do not need to wait for any kind of ourside saviour. Your ability to imagine a more fulfilling life and the courage to see yourself as a powerful being, directly connected with Source, is much more important than faith in a saviour. You have multiple lifetimes in which to play out your soul's evolution and evolve into a mopre advanced humanity.
The teachings of Jesus are not too difficult to comprehend: Love and compassion and treating all humen beings with reverence and respect. Jesus' life is not the end of human potential but the beginning of a new phase in which all of us are full participants. You have the same divine potential, the same tender relationship with others, the same abilty to bless, heal and inspire.
It just takes time to unfold. You have some deprogramming to do, to move from seeing yourself as a wretched sinner to radiant emissaries of the Divine, from obeying rules to following the truth in your heart, from moveing from comfortable clans to embracing the full spectrum of humanity (every colour, shape, gender, class and sexual orientation). Practice: meditation, mindfulness, healthy ways all helps a great deal 
Why not live in that spirit and be part of bringing that consciousness to the entire world?
But this potential within you is not just about your spiritual growth or something you do in silence. It is about creating a truly just, compassionate and caring world in which we tend to the sick, house the homeless, minister to the victims of violence, and design systems that allow for all to flourish. Expressing the presence within does not require that you become a renunciant. It is needed in the boardroom, in governments as equally as it is needed in the ghettos. The world needs evolved doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, healers, schoolteachers just as much as we need another prophetic voice… everyday voices who are willing to roll up their sleeves in whatever their field of calling.
The new consciousness is about a holistic, integrated next level of human potential, whch includes how we engge relationships, families, communities, work, politics and even technology. Taking Jesus off the singular pedestial opens the door to different flavours of what human consciousness can look like. Instead of one itinerant minister/healer, we create the space in which we eventually can have many examples where each of us expresses our unique gifts, including shouldering all the responsibilities of jobs, mortgages, families and citizenship, while also allowing a humane quality to permeate our lives. 
This consciousness opens a window, your Soul, a portal to Truth and a gateway to the Infinite Presence that pours forth unconditional love for the entire cosmos. And it is also very a practical scientist, designing the energy systems of the future.
We are the people who are now tasked with creating real healing in the world…putting an end to wars, hatred, and deprivation. We are the ones who have to figure out how to enact heaven on earth.
In this journey, you need  a vision of yourself that is attainable, multi-dimensionable and practical, allowing you to deal with the real human concerns and challenges of our day, sourced from your heart and expressed as magnificient, unconditional love. This then translates through rigorous thinking that is both right-brain, mystical holism and bliss, together with the more analytical, and scientific left brain, about how to design a society that works.
Now is the time when you must see youself living your full potential on a wider scale. You must give birth to your soul and incarnate something new. Draw more of your soul into radiant embodiment, to design a world based on sacred principles, and take responsibility for healing the schisms in the human family. It is a continual journey of incarnating more of your divinity to evolve a more peaceful world.
Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist, it's about showing up fully for your growth and your service. To enact a divine plan and co-create as you live is to love your fellow Christina, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, even atheist travellers too much to think of yourself as a this or that religion only. Live from a sacred wholeness, and see everyone as a sacred expression. They all do so much for the evolution of our world. 
Take clear actions that creates a world in which all are able to thrive, with food, clean water, housing, and the opportunity to embrace, embody, and express their unique genius.
Entering Christmas, I offer a deep bow of gratitude to Jesua, as a wayshower, and offer gratitude to the Jewish lineage in which he emerged, and which has held strong for so many millennia. I also honour the shamanic roots hidden in traditions such as Santa and his reindeer. And pray that we can all learn to soften our identification with particular tribes and traditions and enact a world based on oneness, living from the divine presence that animates us all. May the light within you shone forth in the coming year. Peace starts in our hearts and shines outwards from there to illuminate the whole world. 



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