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Paralysed by Opinions

13 Oct 2015   Shanti Gowans

Paralysed by opinions

On the first morning, a person strode purposefully up the steps of the meditation hall, and as he bowed deeply, he noticed off to one side of the door a mop and bucket of dirty water. He stiffened slightly, somewhat shocked at the carelessness of leaving something so filthy outside the meditation hall door. He entered the hall and went to his place to sit, and forgot about it.
As he entered the hall the next day, bowing deeply, he again spied the mop and bucket. He stopped mid-bow. What in the world? How could this be possible in a Zen meditation monastery? Zen is known for order, precision and attention to detail. Shaking his head he entered the hall, went to his place to sit, and forgot about it.
The next morning, he was on the lookout for the mop and bucket and there they were. "What kind of place is this? Maybe Zen isn't all its cracked up to be. What kind of people are these anyway? This is unacceptable! Why isn't someone taking care of that mess?" He entered the hall and went to his place to sit, but he remained troubled. 

The next day and the next and the next, the mop and bucket were there.  Finally one day as the man passed by the meditation hall and saw the same sight at the door, he smiled.  He climbed the steps, picked up the mop and bucket, carried them off and took care of them.

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