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Paying it forward

25 Oct 2015   Shanti Gowans
In his poor days, Sam delivered newspapers from house to house to pay for his schooling. On day, he was very hungry, and did not have enough money for a meal, so he decided to ask for something to eat at the next house, but when a beautiful young woman opened the door he was overwhelmed, and instead of asking for food, he just asked for water.
She thought that the young lad looked hungry, and brought him a large glass of milk.
Sam drank slowly and asked “What do I owe you?” To which she replied, “Absolutely nothing!”
“In that case” said Sam, “I thank you from the bottom of my heart “
When Sam left that house, he feel revived physically, and also stronger in his faith in humankind.
Many years later, that same woman got desperately ill. The local doctors were frustrated, and didn’t know what to do. Eventually she was sent to the big city where the experts were asked to provide their diagnosis and treatment of her rare disease.
One of the doctors, Dr. Sam Kelly, was called in to give his opinion. When he heard which city she was from, he rushed in to see her, and recognised the woman immediately. Dr. Kelly was absolutely determined to do
whatever he could to save her life. After a long battle, they succeeded.
Dr. Kelly then asked to see her final bill for approval, made a note, and sent it to her room. Fearing that she would have to pay for the bill for the rest of her life, when she eventually she opened it and looked at it, the bottom of the bill said: “Paid in full with one glass of milk…”
A touching story that restores one’s faith in human kindness and demonstrates that giving without expecting anything in return comes back in unexpected and monumentous ways. This a law of nature, as you sow so shall you reap. Good deeds like “chickens, come home to roost!” Karma ensures that whatever action one does in life are eventually paid in the same life or in the next and subsequent cycles of life.


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