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Red Apples

27 Nov 2015   Shanti Gowans
Kate, relaxing on a swing in the back garden was happily reading a fascinating book. She was so into the book, that when her mum asked her to go to farmer Joe for some apples, she protested: "But mum, can‘t it wait? I am right in the middle…” To which her mum replied, “It‘s urgent! I am in a middle of baking and I need five big, beautiful, red apples!”
Kate stormed off. She was annoyed that her mum had interrupted her reading, and she didn‘t pay attention to her step, and found herself on the ground tripping over a branch. Expletives were uttered. “Not only I get interrupted with my reading, now I fall down, and tear my dress too! Argghh, this is really not my day! Now mum will be cross with me as well!”
Kate kept going, passing a few people she knew, but now she gazed on the ground making sure she didn‘t trip again. She didn‘t say hello and neither did they, seeing her so upset. When she got to the farm, it was all too much. Handing farmer Joe her basket she said angrily “Give me five big and beautiful red apples“ 
Farmer Joe knew Kate, smiled at her and put five apples in her basket. She didn’t return a smile and said  “These apples are not red enough and they are certainly not beautiful!” He looked  back at her and smiled. He took the basket and said: “Isn‘t it a lovely morning today. Don‘t you think it is so nice and warm?” Kate didn‘t reply. “And you‘re wearing such a beautiful dress“ he continued “My dress is torn“ said Kate, “I fell on the way here“. “The dress may be torn,” he said “But it does not make it any less pretty. It’s still beautifully yellow… and even though you are upset and angry, you are still as beautiful as ever” “Really?” Kate questioned. She was so happy to hear that. He was a handsome young man! “I always thought you were a beautiful girl” he said “a little too young for me, but if  I was your age, I would have definitely liked to date you”. Kate blushed with the compliments and began smiling. “It would be wonderful to get five red apples…” she said, and this time added “Please…” He handed her the basket with the apples. “You see!” she said “These apples are red and beautiful!”
“These are the same apples I gave you before” farmer Joe said “When you were angry you couldn’t see it. When you are upset, anything and everything can upset you more. But now that you are smiling to the world, the world smiles back at you, and you can see the beauty in everything!” 
Notice how you respond to life when you’re upset or angry. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, you will attract more to be upset or angry about. However, when you interrupt, and break the power of that momentum by looking at things differently, everything just changes in front of your eyes. A good word from someone, a hug, a beautiful sunset, meditation, a nap, a comedy on TV…all those can break the negative spiral and get us optimistic again. 


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