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Self Enquiry

13 Jan 2018   Shanti Gowans
When we talk about being creators of our life, past, present or future, we are talking about our 'stories'.
Stories are a sequence of thoughts  that we convince ourselves are real. They could be about things we 'should' do, what can be, what they could do, what they are, and so on. They are untested, non-investigated theories or assumptions that tell us what things mean.
You have never experienced a stressful feeling that wasn't caused by attaching to an untrue thought or story. It is easy to get swept away by some overwhelming feeling. Yet, It is so much more beneficial to understand the original cause, than to try to assuage your stressful feelings by looking outside yourself. Remind yourself that any stressful feeling is like a compassionate messenger that says:  "you are caught up in your story".
Depression, pain, fear, doubt and worry are gifts that remind you to take a look at what you are thinking right now. You are living in a story that is not true for you. Caught up in the illusion, we think the solution is to alter and manipulate the stressful feeling, rather than address the thought behind it.
Any negative emotion is an alarm that is designed to wake you up to the fact that there is a thought that you may want to investigate. Inquiry and investigation of any thought that is untrue will always lead you back to who you really are, and the happiness that arises from being true to yourself.
If you put your hand in a fire no one has to tell you to move it. When your hand starts to burn, it moves.  You don't have to direct it. The hand moves itself. In a similar way, once you understand through inquiry and investigation of any thought or story that is untrue and realise it is causing you suffering, you will move away from it.
It is simple logic. Before the thought, you were not suffering. With the thought you are suffering. When you recognise the thought isn't true, you will revert to not suffering and return to equinimity.

Self inquiry is the way to end all suffering and to experience peace, even in a world of apparent chaos. Above all else, self inquiry is about realising that all the answers you will ever need are within you and are always available to you if you are willing to give up your story. Self enquiry will bring you to a new awareness.


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