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The higher you live, the less you struggle

18 May 2018   Shanti Gowans

The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention.

Your actions can be so simple: give the cashier eye-contact and genuinely say thank you, hold the door open for the elderly person with a cane, carry something for someone whose hands are full, or thank the people you live with for doing their share of the mechanics of living.

Think back to a random act of kindness someone did for you and how good it felt. If you are someone who prides yourself on being self-sufficient, the next time someone offers you a random act of kindness, receive it. 
You will be giving both of you a gift.

Notice all the times you have opportunities to bestow a kind act on someone and listen to the reasons you don't. Some of the most common excuses are being too busy, not wanting to interfere or be intrusive, or not knowing what to say or do. There are no right or wrong ways to be kind. Dare to push your limits a bit, and take the first step.

Today practice a random act of kindness and tell no one about it.

The higher you live on the levels of awareness, the more likely you are to feel satisfied. This is true because the more aware and capable of making good choices you are, the less you are caught in struggle. 
The higher on the levels of awareness you live, the richer you are likely to feel, not only in terms of finances, 
but also in terms of personal satisfaction. You will notice a level of calmness and clarity, which allows your brain to function at it's optimum level. You will also feel tuned into your body, so that you can maximise your health.
Being satisfied is an inside job. No amount of money or material goods can give you the inner feeling of satisfaction. However, we are not taught to be satisfied. We are taught and groomed by advertising and the media to want more.
What if today you float the possibility of not chasing satisfaction. Instead, sit still for a moment and let gratitude bubble up from inside you, as if from an underground stream. 
"Character building begins in our infancy and continues until death."
                                                                            Eleanor Roosevelt


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