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When the mind is silent

28 Nov 2011   Shanti Gowans
In the depth of the cave
echoes throbbed in the knowing.
Questions which no one could answer
were no longer questions.
Truth unfolded in silence,
opening petals,
The Rishi had sat motionless,
away from the tyranny of restless sounds,
looking inward.  
The Truth and the Mask.
Time, space and causation are in the mind.
Matter and energy are in the mind.
Prior to this is unconditional,
non-dual consciousness,
emptiness and bliss,
the state of knowing without the knower,
disassociated from the coarse,
conceptual and perceptual process.
Just that state,
From silence comes the word.
Movements in consciousness
create the mind-stream
that you identify with as yourself.
Movements in mind,
the blending of which
generate solids, liquids, gases and energy.
Energy and matter of all beings
are conditional upon
eating, drinking, breathing, thinking and sleeping.
Concepts such as
striving force, free will, memory and primal instinct also define ego.
Essence is represented in
conscience, divine wisdom, life-force and bonding.
The entire universe
is a pulsating, vibrating field
of inter-relating energies.
In the ceaseless quest of great minds
evolved a tradition
that puts the intellect above physique,
or rather understood the importance of the physique for the intellect.
The human mind has unrealised potentials,
says ancient India.
What is needed is training,
a definite method to ignite the energies
to a higher level.
It is about the self and the non-self.
It is about the mind and no mind.
It is about the body and essence.
It is known as YOGA.
...your own...Shantiji


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