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Your greatness

13 Dec 2015   Shanti Gowans
A young tiger had just left home and was setting out to hunt for the first time. As he prowled the forest looking for prey, a hyena saw him.
“What are you doing?” asked the hyena
“I’m going hunting,” the tiger said proudly.
“What? You?” the hyena sneered
“You’re too small and inexperienced, you’ll never catch anything!”
Browned out, the young tiger wandered around aimlessly for the rest of the day without success and went hungry.
The next morning, the tiger headed out to hunt again, hoping that he would be more successful this time, but not very optimistic. As he strolled around, a wise old baboon saw him and asked what he was doing.
“I’m going hunting,” the tiger said with a shrug of his shoulders.
“Awesome!” said the baboon
“With your speed and strength, you should be successful in no time.  Good luck.”
Feeling encouraged and empowered by the words of the baboon, the young tiger went out and managed to catch a young gazelle for his lunch.
He wasn’t a better hunter on the second day, but the positive words gave him the confidence and clear mind required to act with boldness so that he could achieve his goal.
Very often, like the voices of the hyena and the baboon are voices in our own minds. Which one wins? What is it that we are telling ourselves? Usually, most people do such a destructive job beating up on themselves, that what anyone else says is a drop in the bucket! Yet, we must be very wise with whom who we hang out. The results we get are the average of the 5 people we spend most times with. Want better results? Hang out with better people. But most importantly, change your inner talk. Every time you hear the highly critical voice in your head, one that tells you you can't, you'll fail, you're too old, too poor, too inexperienced… the voice of your inner tyrant, turn your back on it. Be your own best friend. The universe has an opinion about you. To the universe you are wonderful and capable. Every time you talk yourself down, or we let the hyenas of the world (inwardly or outwardly) get the better of you, you are thinking in opposition to the opinion of universe! That’s why it feels so awful. Do you really want to disagree with the universe? Think better thoughts and trust universe that believes in your greatness. The seeds of greatness are already within you.


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