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BOOKS, AUDIO & VIDEO by Shanti Gowans

23 Dec 2017   Shanti Gowans

Sources of inspiration, education, motivation, spiritual guidance

BOOKS by Shanti Gowans

Cosmic principles and practices for wealth, health and wisdom
The Art of Being...in Business 
Innate leadership, intelligence, bravery and joy in the workplace
An Easy Guide to Meditation
The journey home to your heart

As a Twig is Shaped
Yoga Education for Children

Ayurveda for Health and Wellbeing
The science of life and the art of healthy living

Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking
The yoga of food, kitchen pharmacy, foundational recipes
Believe in Yourself
Recognise self-worth. Rebuild self-confidence. Free your Spirit. Change your life today.
The Best is yet to Be
Ageing well. A positive yogic perspective to healthy ageing

Breathe for Health
Explore the anatomy of conscious breathing. Release stress. Be healthy
Catching Rainbows, Touching Stars
Inspirational quotations and colouring-in book
The Children’s Book of Shanti Yoga 
Yoga, practices, verses, relaxation, stories
The key to success. Acquire practical skills for study and work
Eight Limbs of Yoga
Transformational Practices to Awaken Your Life 

Food for Life
Ayurvedic recipes: Food for health, food as medicine, food to enjoy

For Better, Not Worse
Happiness, love and constant enrichment in your relationships

Hatha Yoga for Body, Mind and Spirit with Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Fine tuning the instrument to get to the heart of yoga
Healing Yoga
Ease head, neck and shoulder stiffness, tension and pain

Healthy Body
Structure, function of the human body and the effects of Ayurveda and Yoga practice on it
Hypertension and You
The drugless, yogic management of high blood pressure

Inner Peace Handbook
Eastern mystical secrets for daily joy and lasting happiness
Intimacy, Love and Transformation
Happiness, love, constant enrichment in relationships
Keep Fit while you Sit
Exercises and yogic practices you can do whilst seated

The Long Search for Meaning
An Introduction to World Religions

The art and science of meditation for health, wellbeing and self-care
The art of conscious living
Peace begins with You
The power of peacemaking in a challenging world of stress and trauma, anger and aggression

Practising Peace
Cultivate world peace by victory over war within our hearts and minds
Reflections of a Yogi
Deeper, inspirational poetic wisdom to refresh your perspective

Salute to the Sun
Surya Namaskara, The Shanti Yoga practice of solar vitalisation
Sankalpa: Your Future is in your Hands
Reflective journal to manage your time, your life and your self

Sitting beyond Thinking
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Vipassana meditation,
with full reference to the Buddha’s Maha Satipatthana Sutra
Stress Ease
Shanti Yoga exercises to relax your upper back, neck and shoulders

Yoga and Ayurveda Dictionary
Fundamentals of Yoga and Ayurveda and Sanskrit (romanised) 
to English for the beginner.
Yoga during Pregnancy
Mental and physical preparation for a beautiful birth and after
Yoga Education for Children
A manual for teaching Shanti yoga to children
The Yoga Sutras
Dissertation on Patanjali’s Sutras on Raja Yoga

Breathe for Health Health from within by breathing the body, mind and heart free
Calm the Mind and Discover Inner Peace 4 CD set
Deep Relaxation and Self Healing 2 CD set
Guided Meditations on Mindfulness 2 CD Course
Hatha Yoga
Meditation for Children of all ages. 2 CD set
Origins Yearnings Destiny Challenge and sweep away limited thinking and attitudes
Samadhi Deep relaxation, mental stillness, unified consciousness
Vipassana Guided meditation
Yoga for Health and Fitness


Beginner’s Standing Postures by Shanti Gowans. 60 mins
Release neck and shoulder tension. Strengthen back muscles with more flexibility. Sun Salutation routine. Finish with deep relaxation.
Shanti Yoga 1. 60 mins
Shanti Yoga 2
Shanti Yoga 3
Basic Shanti Yoga Breathing
Aum, Maha Yoga Pranayama - Shanti Yoga breathing
Beyond basic Shanti Yoga breathing
Shanti Yoga breathing 2
Shanti Yoga
1. Side bends
2. Cat Arch & Variations x 3
3. Cat Arch & Variations x 2
4. Car Arch & Variations
5. Back Movements
6. Cobra Asana
7. Kneeling Postures x 2
8 Kneeling Postures
9. Nirvana Wellness Retreat Gold Coast Australia
10. Shanti Yoga presents Nirvana Wellness Retreat Gold Coast
11. The greatest things meditation
Visualisations for Deep Peace
Following the breath - Vipassana meditation
Healthy Body
• Children's Movement and Mindfulness through Yoga. 
   - Instructor's Foundational Training Course 5-9years. 200 hours
   - Little Yogis. Toddlers and Kids Yoga 2-5 years (18 months-3 years. 3-5 years). 30 hours.
   - Growing Yogis. Yoga for Tweens and Teens. (9-13years. 13-17years)
   - Infant Development, exercises and play 0-24 months
• Yoga for Life - 600 hours
• Yoga Teacher Training - 1200 hours
• Advanced Yoga Therapeutic Teacher Training - 1800 hours
• Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training
• Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 
• Chair Yoga Teacher Training
• Yoga for a Healthy Back Instructor Training
• Yoga Nidra
• The Awakening Path: Finding Peace in Daily Life
   Mindfulness, the art of conscious living.
• The Deepening Path: Finding Peace in the World.
   Meditation for Health, Wellbeing and Self care.
• The Self-Healing Path. Meditation in the Art of Healing.
   The Powerful Journey of Transformation in the Art of healng.
   Expanding consciousness in Health Care, Vaidya
• The Leader's Path
   Facilitating Meditation practice with others,. Archarya
• Master's Training  Maharishi


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