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Cert IV Yoga Timetable (Jan-Dec 2018 intake)

23 Dec 2017   Shanti Gowans

Weekly HIA Timetable for Cert IV Yoga Students  intake January - December 2018


Monday                      9.00am – 4.00pm
Tuesday                     9.30am – 1.30pm
Thursday                 10.30am – 1.30pm



•  9.00-9.15am     Help set up yoga room
•  9.15-10.15am   Mindfulness and Pranayama, yoga breathing class
•  10.15-11.30am Yoga Easy and Gentle
•  11.30-12.15pm Relaxation and Meditation
•  12.15-1.00pm   Lunch break
•  1.00-2.00pm     Philosophy talk with Shantiji
•  2.00-4.00pm     Inspirational Movie/ Chanting
•  9.30-10.30am   Karma Yoga 
•  10.30-11.30pm Restorative Ground Yoga
•  11.30-12.30pm Yoga Easy and Gentle
•  12.30-1.30pm   Deep Conscious Relaxation
•  10.30-11.30am Yoga for Stress Release
•  11.30-12.30pm Yoga Easy and Gentle
•  12.30-1.30pm   Mindfulness Meditation


Thurs 2.00-3.00pm
Express Yourself - starts 1 Feb 2018 (optional)
Mon. 6.30-7.15pm  
Bollywood contemporary Indian dance (optional)



  • Weekly Tutorials
Starting 29 Jan 2018 
Mondays 4.30-6.30pm
  •  Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 
2nd term 19 April – 28 June 2018 
4th term 11 Oct – 13 Dec 2018 
Thursday 2-3.30pm
  • CHILDREN'S YOGA (optional)
          28, 29 April 2018
          5 March 2018
          Monday 2-5pm


Weekend Residential Retreats (included in your course fees)

We will endeavour to arrange transport so that you can all travel up together as the retreat is about 40 minutes drive from Southport.

The retreats start from 3pm on the Friday and finish at 4pm on Sunday.
You will be provided with a packing list of what to bring by your lecturer before the first retreat.
All meals, shared accommodation and activities are inclusive.
Massage and special meal requirements at retreat are optional and incur an extra fee. 
These are the dates: 
  • 16-18 Feb 2018      Believe in Yourself, Transform your life
  • 23-25 March 2018  Finding Meaning, Passion, Purpose, in the pursuit of Happiness   
  • 11-13 May 2018     Emotional Wellbeing
  • 15-17 June 2018   Cook Taste, Heal: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Please see the link of our beautiful retreat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goZAWVgXhoE  

N.B. All retreats are twin-share accommodation.



Term   Dates                                                           Duration
Term 1 Monday 22 January - Thursday 29 March 10 weeks
Term 2 Monday 16 April - Friday 29 June              11 weeks
Term 3 Monday 16 July - Friday 21 September     10 weeks
Term 4 Monday 8 October - Friday 14 December 10 weeks

Cert IV Course Units

YOGDSM401A      Self Mastery 
YOGAAH402A      Yoga and Ayurvedic Health and Principles for Self-care 
YOGYHP403A      Yoga history, literature, and philosophy 
YOGPYP404A      Yoga postures from head to toe, asana 
YOGDYB405A      Yoga breathing, pranayama 
YOGDYR406A      Yoga relaxation, nidra 
YOGDEC407A      Effective concentration, motivation, memory retention, dharana 
YOGDMS408A      Yoga meditation, dhyana 
YOGPYC409A      Yoga sound, chanting, mantra, kirtan, bhajan, sanskrit
YOGYEL410A       Yoga practices for ethical living
HLTAID003  Provide first aid certificate is also part of the course and must be studied in your first year.             
It is a pre-requisite for industry placement. It is delivered externally and not inluded in your course fees. If you do not hold a current Senior First Aid certificate, HIA can assist you to arrange this. Additional course fees apply. Alternatively you can complete Senior First Aid at an external provider and submit your certified copy of your certificate prior to Clinic/Placement. 


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