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Children's Yoga Teacher Training

11 May 2016   Shanti Gowans
Teaching children’s yoga is an immensely rewarding experience for both the teacher and the children you teach. By creating opportunities to exchange wisdom, share good times, and instill healthy habits, you lay the foundation for a lifelong practice in a child that will continue to deepen as the child grows. 
The Shanti Yoga Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course will not only provide you with the skills and tools you need to teach, but will, in many ways, help you to become happier in all aspects of your life. Teaching children’s yoga is really a certification in happiness. It teaches you how to love better, nurture yourself, and to experience life with a greater sense of awe.
Yoga helps with academic achievement 
Teaching children through the Shanti Yoga understanding and methodology is quite different to just “yoga for kids”.  Shanti’s Yoga for Children is specifically designed to teach children of all ages and abilities by teaching to the ‘whole child’, in a way that’s fun for all. Each session is immersive and educational, incorporating every different learning style, such as music, art, story telling, reading, movement, music, art, maths, science, social studies, environmentalism, and so much more, for multiple intelligences. The yoga asanas are a springboard for exploration and education.
When educators use the Shanti Yoga program in their classrooms, students experience higher retention and greater academic achievement because they have been enabled to understand information kinesthetically.
Shanti Yoga instills a lifetime of healthy habits
Current childhood obesity statistics are alarming. Approximately 30% of children and adolescents are overweight and 15% of children and adolescents are considered obese. By getting children up and moving in a fun, healthy and non-competitive way, the Shanti Yoga for Children program can help reduce the risk of obesity. As children learn about the different benefits of yoga practice, both physical and psychological, they are better equipped to care for their bodies, emotions, and well-being.
Yoga help for children with special needs
By its very nature, a Shanti yoga children’s class is an inclusive and creative environment where everyone is encouraged to be expressive and free. The healing and learning powers of yoga have wonderful effects on all children, especially those with special needs. By seeing the perfection in children rather than the pathology of different diagnoses, we stay connected to their beautiful spirits. The joy of movement, play, creativity, and imagination can create the space for any child to execute therapeutic movements, even those as small as moving their eyes, or bending a finger like a worm.
Shanti Yoga™ is the pioneer and leading provider of structured yoga programs for adults and children. Our mission is to educate, encourage, empower, while promoting peace and health. Established since 1972 in Australia, Shanti Yoga offers workshops to educators, parents, and child-focused professionals. Our certification process has created a global network of highly-trained facilitators who bring classes, programs, and training to communities and schools around the world. Three essential components you need to be mindful of when teaching yoga to children will further your own development and skills include:
One of the greatest challenges to teaching children’s yoga can be holding their attention long enough to teach them concepts such as stillness, balance, flexibility, peace, grace, and connection. Luckily, most children love to move and make sounds, both of which happen in Shanti Yoga for children. Having participants recite poems, sing songs or “chant” can help them hold poses longer. They also jump at the chance to assume the role of animals, trees, flowers,and warriors and often instinctively purr in the Cat, bark in Down Doggie Down or hiss during the Cobra pose. Multi-sensory experiences are provided with partner activities, games, stories, art, drums, and silly poses. In Shanti yoga for children there are no rules, and we don’t have to be quiet!
• Love, Encourage, Empower 
Shanti Yoga for Children creates an optimistic and loving space to encourage the children to discover and experiment. Allow them to make mistakes and learn, rather than strive for ‘perfect’ yoga poses. Always be clear in your intention, gentle and patient in your approach, especially with corrections. Wait at least a few sessions, or a long while before ‘correct’ anything (unless they are not doing a pose safely). Empower children to make up their own poses and be creative.
• Find the Child in You
Make certain you are centered and in an open, generous space personally before sharing yoga with children. Take some time for yourself and use it to meditate, stretch, pray, or whichever personal ritual you use to relax. Don’t rush into a children’s yoga session frazzled, it won’t work in your favour, and refrain from bringing adult-sized problems into a child’s yoga space. 
Begin your Yoga journey to Becoming a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher
Comprehensive training is in three parts.
The Foundations Training: Your first step towards certification
is for anyone wanting to give the gift of yoga to children: yogis, parents, grandparents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other child-focused professionals. No yoga experience is required. You will be introduced to the Shanti Yoga™ one-of-a-kind way of teaching yoga to children. In addition, you’ll learn successful strategies for lesson planning and will have the opportunity to team-teach an original ShantiYoga class to children. Other topics include the different developmental stages of children, inclusive teaching, and guidelines for teaching a successful children's yoga class.
Experience two full days of life-changing love and laughter with our amazing community.


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