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18 Mar 2018   Shanti Gowans


7. Grandparenting practicum log

1. Yoga Therapy first visit - face-to face or via skype.

2. Patient's self evaluation (HIA form provided on line or hard copy)

3. Therapists Total Health Assessment

    3.1    Assessment of patient history

    3.2    Nutritional and dietary assessment

    3.3    Lifestyle assessment

    3.4    Pain assessment

    3.5    Sleep assessment

    3.6    Digestive, Toxcicity and Illness assessment

    3.7    Stress, memory assessment

    3.8    Postural assessment guide and checklist

4. Therapist will provide their first visit evaluation and educate.

5. Therapist will provide appropriate and abridged Yoga Therapy visit notes for client to take home

6. Therapist will provide HIA Yoga information sheet/s relevant and supporting the evaluation and education (referce point 4).

7. Therapist will provide Yogic recommendations

    7.1    Nutritional and dietary recommendations

    7.2    Lifestyle recommendations

    7.3    Therapy and treatment recommendations

    7.4    Herbal medicine recommendations (if within scope, or referral)

    7.5    Student information yoga hand-outs.

8.  Therapist will start on practicum.

9. Therapist will provide information with Yogic resources.



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