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Eddie, Christine and me in the vegetable garden during the Easter retreat. 2 April 2016.

2 Apr 2016   Shanti Gowans

We received a lesson today on caring in the vegetable garden. Eddie walked us right over to where the full gross tomatoes were planted intertwined the cherry tomatoes vines. The tomatoes in the garden are struggling a bit because everything is overgrown. The central vine is like Jack's giant beanstalk, its branches are prolific, some are sporting blossoms and leaves, some are growing little sucker stems, many have pillarbox red fruit on them.

Some sacrifices needed to be made. Take off the dead parts, remove some suckers and leaves, make sure enough remain to protect the branches from sun scald and from wind, aim to have as many of the nutrients as possible go to where the tree will bear fruit. Even as Christine realised what needed to be removed, and was actually removing a few vines to demonstrate, we were excited and beaming at the plants. She handled them with great care. There is no sense in the garden that there is anything wrong about the parts of it that die, the suckers that actually won’t produce fruit, the leaves that we should thin. All are just part of the cycle of life, in nature's relationship with human and other beings who nature tends. Everything is the universe, the live parts, the struggling parts, the abundant parts, the straggly parts. The trunk that gave the morton bay fig life to begin with and has now died. Yet it’s all connected. What a great reminder. And how appropriate that it came through the garden, a place where the life cycle opens and closes, moving from seed to compost to new life, again and yet again.

Soil, water, sun, air, space, micro-organisms, plants, animals, birds, and people working together to sustain the planet and our community.


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