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Plant based whole foods

16 Dec 2015   Shanti Gowans

Plant-based whole foods are the most powerful disease-modifying tools available to practitioners, more powerful than any drugs or surgeries. Vegetarians promote a plant-based diet as the primary pathway to health.

Studies have shown that plants contain nutrients that actively heal our bodies. For example, turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory and helichrysum flower oil restores the liver. Treating and preventing chronic disease such as heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular disease, cancers - the illnesses that are taking our economy and nation down can be helped with  “farm-scriptions” - a strict diet that includes grains (such as whole-grain brown rice), steamed greens (such as silver beet, kale, spinach, bok choi), root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, fruit (a big serving of wild organic blueberries is heaven) and water.

Countless studies have proven the benefits of plants and herbs, but the awareness of this knowledge has been buried by the idea that health issues must be alleviated by swallowing a pill.

Billion dollar pharmaceutical companies have made society believe that the only way to treat disease is with the consumption of synthetic chemicals.

However, in so many cases, that pill causes more damage than good, and simply acts as a band-aid, temporarily relieving the stress of the disease, while creating unruly side effects and more health problems in the long run.

We need to reconnect with the basic knowledge of nutrition, which is hardly spoken about in hospitals due to the overbearing impact big pharma has had on patients as well as doctors.

However, change is coming. Many doctors are coming out of the closet and exposing the unthinkable truth about pharmaceutical drugs nd our diets.

Western diets today consist of mostly processed and highly preserved foods that don’t produce the nutrition we need to keep our bodies healthy. It is also true that no matter how much of a food fascist you are – if the nutrients are not in the soil, then they are not in the food, and no matter how much so-called “good food” you eat, it’s not going to give your body what it needs. Processing food into junk food makes the problem even worse.

Add toxcicity into the equation. Let’s face it, we are exposed to an alarming amount of toxins on a daily basis. From the BPA that lines your canned goods to the pesticides liberally sprayed on anything alive these days, our bodies are constantly absorbing an outrageous amount of chemicals. Even though you may try to live as pure a life as possible, sneaky sources of dangerous metals are everywhere, even in the so-called “all natural” products that fool consumers into believing these ingredients are safe. Over time, high concentrations of metals build up in our systems and can lead to a wide variety of conditions, including, but not limited to:
• Anemia 
• Dizziness 
• Fatigue 
• Dry skin 
• Joint or Muscle Aches 
• Loss of appetite 
• blood pressure issues 
• Nausea 
• Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
Try as you may, there’s just no getting around the obscene amounts of toxins we are exposed to daily.
The intention for Shanti Yoga and Nirvana Wellness retreat is to heal the body back into balance through eating vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and beans. Our goal is to reduce over-dependence on dangerous pharmaceuticals as well as the unnecessary surgeries performed on a number of patients each year. Plant based medicine will remove the negative side effects of these current norms, including addiction, overdose, and even death.
Let food be your medicine. The healing practice where patients are treated with plant foods which serve as medicine is becoming known as known as farm-based ‘farmacy’. Touch the Earth gardening time is where Health Institute Australia learners, retreatents and volunteers pick weeds, prune planst, dig the soil, turn over the compost and harvest vegetables. It’s Shanti Yoga’s attempt to get people more interested in food by becoming involved in the food production. Human health is directly related to the health of the environment and the production of food and how it is grown. Growing and harvesting food presents a wonderful opportunity to take the biology and chemistry of plants and link them to the human biological system. 

Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary is a “farmacy” that uses food as medicine. It is located in Beechmont and is ideal for those of us who don’t have the privilege of living in a farm or the country to connect with nature.

Soil, water, sun, air, space,
micro-organisms, plants, animals, birds, and people
working together
to sustain the planet and our community.


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