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Plastic or Glass Straws

11 May 2016   Shanti Gowans
It’s impossible to tell whether plastic straws are BPA-free or not, because straws aren’t stamped with a recycling code. Many people have this toxin in their bodies. BPA is a synthetic hormone found in many plastics, including straws. Because it mimics the activity of estrogen, it disrupts and affects how estrogen and other hormones work in the body. Linked to breast and prostate cancer, this toxin is virtually everywhere. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still unaware of the seriousness of this toxic exposure.
However, even if you are confident that the straws you use are BPA-free, did you know that they actually consist of petroleum bi-product polypropylene?,
Polypropylene is basically the same thing as what fuels your car. Imagine yourself or your child chewing on a piece of straw that’s made of BPA or petrochemical. What is equally daunting is that polypropylene does not easily degrade in the environment. So what happens next is that the plastic straws that you and others throw away usually end up in landfills and/or floating across oceans. Straws may not only be detrimental to our health, they destroy our ecosystem at the same time. In fact, plastic straws are one of the top 10 marine debris found in beaches and oceans, contributing to over one million deaths of seabirds, and that’s not including fishes, whales, seals and other marine mammals that fall prey each year.
If we don’t do our part to save these lives, to prevent more from dying, imagine the consequences. More deaths, more extinctions. And as we are all living on the same planet, sharing the same resources, we humans would be negatively affected as well…because of our own thoughtless move.
Instead of using a single-use, non-recyclable toxic straw, consider sourcing and using a durable and re-usable glass straw. Carry your with you, if need be!


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