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Positive Stress

20 Feb 2018   Shanti Gowans

Stress isn’t so much of a bad thing. It’s how you process it that really matters. 

Stress has positive effects and is therefore not always bad and to be avoided. Dr. Hans Seley called positive stress 'Eustress'. Studies show that a little stress can in fact help in boosting your cognition and mood and it all depends on how it is handled.

Stress helps us focus on the situation at hand. It is beneficial for our cognitive development because we are forced to find a creative resolution to get us out of a sticky situation. 

Stress helps release adrenaline, which may help in boosting metabolism and performance. This can result in us having better reactions and reflexes to get us through a situation. Think about the time you were being chased by a rabid dog, that was stressful, but that also motivated you to run as fast as you could to safety.

When we’re stressing about something, it can often mean that the “something” has value. In these situations, we can channel the stress positively to help us achieve our end goal. 

Of course this is not to discount the fact that stress can be detrimental to health and well-being in large doses too, which is why you are encouraged to find balance.

We all have different levels of tolerance for stress and it is our responsibility to know how much we can take on until we have to let go.

Meditation can help you process stress in a positive way. It allows you to find calmness, and center so you can see things from a deeper perspective. 


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