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Self Care

2 Oct 2016   Peter Gowans

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”
Jack Kornfield 

So often we spend our time making sure our relationships are healthy.  We work hard to ensure that we are there for the people in our lives; make sure our friends and families feel loved and cared for, help our colleagues out, and be the best partners we can be. We spend our time constantly giving outwards instead of inwards

In the midst of all that good work, it can be easy to draw focus away from our relationship with ourselves. Yet the more we can grow that connection, the better all our relationships will be.  Self care is key to this self connection.

There are so many small ways that we can easily fit into our busy lives to nurture this sense of self care within ourselves:

  • Carve out space for your personal practice in whatever form that takes.  We’ve shared a few cozy restorative poses below to help get you started. 
  • Give yourself a few minutes with your morning coffee or in the evening to write down what you would like to accomplish for yourself.  It can be easy when you’re constantly giving outwards to focus on small stressors (like picking up your drycleaning!) Checking in with your bigger goals is an act of self care.  
  • Treat yourself to comforting, nutritious food that will leave you feeling satisfied and restored.  
  • Make sure you get the sleep you deserve.  Treat yourself to a warm, scented bath, a herbal tea or fresh sheets. These little extras will put you in a resting state of mind and are a signal to yourself that it’s time for rest.
  • Give yourself permission to turn off notifications.  Time away from status updates, e-mails, or messages for even a short period every day will help re-set your focus from outwards to inwards.  That way you can be more in tune with the notifications your body is giving you. One trick is turn your phone on airplane mode before you go to sleep and give yourself at least 30 minutes after you’ve woken up before you turn it back on. This is also the perfect time to write down what you’d like to accomplish for yourself!
  • Allow yourself a little time in nature; anything from a hike, to a walk on a street with trees, to tending your houseplants.  Nature has a way of reconnecting you with yourself like nothing else.   


Pick the ones that you feel work for you and see if this month can be the start of a beautiful relationship with yourself.  If you can, use your journal to record one way you did something just for you as an act of self care every day and soon you & the people in your life will begin to see you flourish. To support and celebrate your self care efforts, we’ve partnered with our friends at Halfmoon for this month’s giveaway.   Details are in Community Spotlight below. 









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