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Vitamin D

1 Aug 2017   Shanti Gowans

The sun is a source of life. Without sunshine, none of us would be here, We evolved to live under the sun.

Your body makes Vitamin D when ultraviolet B rays touch your skin.

One of the reason so many people are deficinet in vitamin D is that people just don't spend enought time in the sun. We get into our cars first thing in the morning and drive to work. Then we work all day indoors, until we drive home.

When your skin is exposed to the sun, it produces melanin, which is a hormone that is your body's built-in sun block, and if you allow your skin to tan gently, you should not need toxic chemical sunscreens, your supply of melanin acts as a natural sunscreen to protect you from burning.

If you are not a vegetarian, good sources of Vitamin D from food include salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, eggs and grass-fed meat and dairy. You can also supplement a lack of Vitamin D with a daily talbespoon of cold-pressed cod liver oil with a lemon flavour.


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