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17 Aug 2015   Shanti Gowans
The wheels that spin

Chakras are subtle centres in the brain and spine that exist as subtle, non-physical patterns of energy that precede the formation of the body and facilitate its creation. They regulate the physical, emotional and psychic flows of energy in the body.

The cycle of samsara is: causal body - astral body - physical body - senses - objects - desires - pleasure/pain - attachment/aversion - good actions/bad actions - karma - samskaras - death - causal body - astral body etc

Muscles, nerves and glands form as these psycho-energetic centers in the realm of the physical body.

The organisation of the seven major chakras corresponds roughly to the blueprint of the nervous and endocrine systems. Because chakras are junctions of energy and consciousness, their vitality and balance are reflections of a person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being or dysfunction. Yogis who are interested in deepening their meditation practice can benefit by understanding the psychology of the chakra system as a diagnostic tool, attending to some specific dimensions, namely: their physical location, the organs they control, the emotions they express and the mental characteristics they embody. The fundamental premise of Yoga is that these energies need to be brought under our conscious control, if the mind is to be calmed and the authentic Self revealed. An effective way to deepen introspection and to greater spiritual unfolment is to awaken the chakras.


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