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From me to you 19 July 2012

19 Jun 2012   Shanti Gowans
From me to you...Shantiji with veil
The conflict between spirituality and sensuality, the metaphysical and the material provides no real direction, only confusion. In this search it doesn't matter where you look, the last thing you find is your own self.

Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, encounter groups, crystals, massage, gurus, clairvoyants, tarot, mysticism, traveling on every kind of path imaginable, you return with a broader mind, still carrying an empty, craving soul.

In such a complicated, convoluted world rain comes as a stranger to a land parched for generations by drought...but the earth remembers.

There is nothing to escape other than the notion that you must escape something. Held prisoner for too long in stereotype and preconception, your light remains pure - but within.

While fulfilling a transcendental goal live your "down to earth" existence. Wholeness desires to be home with your mundane world.

Take it little by little...
when you need an answer, when you need to come up for air...
when life is just too tough or confusing...
choose randomly
open up just anywhere...
a book of Life - your Life, and LIFE written large opens up fundamentals ... the how, what and why of spiritual freedom, unconditional happiness, the meaning of life, the truth of existence, god-realisation, enlightenment...this is not the dead weight of authority.

Who will be your guide when your own heart is your path? The best consultants, loans, insurance policies cannot save you. Eventually you realise that you have to do something! The world is the mountain and each action the shout that echoes back. The difficult choice is always the one that offers the most growth.

Don't just read the words. Live them. They are the dialogue between you and your life. When a fish finds the ocean, it must dive in. These are the words of your heart speaking from me.


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