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In the centre of the castle…Chandogya Upanishad  VIII 1-5

1 Mar 2016   Shanti Gowans
In the centre of the castle of Brahman,
your own body, 
is a small shrine
in the form of a lotus-flower, 
within which can be found
a small space.  
Find who dwells there
and seek to know That.  
And, if anyone asks, 
“Who is that
who dwells in a small shrine 
in the form of a lotus-flower 
in the centre of the castle of Brahman?  
Whom should we want to seek
and know?” 
you can answer:  
“The little space within the heart 
is as great as this vast universe.  
The heavens and the earth are there, 
and the sun and the moon and the stars;  
fire and lightning and winds are there;  
and all that now is and all that is not: 
for the whole universe
is in That 
which dwells within the heart.”
And if they should say, 
“If all things are in the castle of Brahman, 
all beings and all desires, 
what remains when old age overcomes the castle 
or when the life of the body is gone?”
you can answer:  
“The Spirit who is in the body
does not grow old 
and does not die,
and no one can ever kill the Spirit,
who is everlasting.  
This is the real castle of Brahman, 
wherein dwells the love of the universe.  
It is Atman, pure Spirit,
beyond sorrow, old age, and death; 
beyond evil and hunger and thirst.  
It is Atman,
whose love is Truth, 
whose thoughts are Truth.”
                            Chandogya Upanishad  VIII 1-5
You are That Truth.


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