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Suggestive Power during Yoga Nidra

8 Mar 2016   Shanti Gowans

A writer for a popular fitness magazine once wrote a facetious article about a "miracle supplement". 

At the bottom of the page on which the article appeared, he had the magazine's art department create a perforated square roughly the size of a postage stamp, next to which appeared the following recommendation: "For optimal muscle gains, cut out this little piece of paper and place it in a glass of water overnight. It contains a special mix of amino acids that are released in water over several hours. In the morning, remove the paper 
and place it on your tongue to allow the amino acids to enter your body."

The writer intended it as a joke. As a last minute whimsy to fill a page where an advertisement had been withdrawn at the last moment. However, it seems there was a breakdown in communication somewhere because the publication printed it anyway. 

Here's the really interesting bit: Within days of the fitness magazine hitting the stands the publisher was inundated with requests from readers for "more of that awesome paper". Many readers actually believed that placing that piece of paper on their tongues as instructed had made their muscles bigger and stronger.  


Anyway, the point is this: Everyone in this world is suggestible to some degree or other. And that is why you have great power as a yoga teacher. 

Please let me make one thing clear: I'm not in any way advocating taking advantage of others with your skills. Not at all. What I am saying is you can use yoga nidra to leverage people's suggestibility to make them feel better about themselves, make them believe in themselves more and enable them to take life-enhancing actions they've never been able to consistently take before. This is the power you have with yoga nidra. So use it. But please use it wisely! 


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