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The Power of Om

8 Sep 2016   Shanti Gowans
Sounds are built from elementary particles, which in turn are made from microscopic strands of energy (string theory?).
All sounds have energetic blueprints, which act as triggers that can induce a certain emotion, visualisation or action in the person whoc hears them. 
Om is the vibration of creation.

The sound, 'Om', is the primordial sound of the Universe, the basic sound from which all else arises.

Om is the very first movement from stillness, the all-vibrating sound that originated at the time of the creation of the cosmos, or the "Big Bang" as it is often called. Om contains all other sounds. It is the first sound that comes from silence. 

Om is in every place, mind and heart. It is the first manifestation of something that comes from the nothing and can therefore be said to be at the source of everything that exists in the manifest world. 
Often spelt 'Aum', it can be chanted aloud, spoken almost under the breath and pronounced in consciousness as well as through the mouth and vocal cords as "Omm...". The small silence at the end is as important as the sound itself.
You tap into one of the most powerful forces in the Universe when you chant Om daily. The recitation of Om, while contemplating its mystical symbol will even help calm the roaring waves. 


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