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Three Bodies

25 Aug 2018   Shanti Gowans
Yoga teaches about the multidimensional nature of our miraculous human body.
Various vibrational energies aggregate to create a mass-energy component that supports different states of consciousness, which are tied together with a bodily foundation, a bodily ground that is inextricably linked with the supporting states of consciousness that goes with it.  
All human beings have three bodies, or three personality aspects of consciousness, namely
- the Physical or gross body, stula sharira 
- the Subtle or dream body, the body of enjoyment, sukshma sharira, and
- the Causal or dreamless body, karana sharira.
The historical person, or the body of manifestation or form, is the physical body. Its energetic components are the pancha mahabhutas, the five primary elements, which manifest as form, sensation, perception, emotion and consciousness. It is the manifested being who is born among other human beings. The bodies of form are many, and differ from one another. 
The subtle 'dream' body, when you lose sense of the physical body and experience pure, selfless, spiritual enjoyment (not to be confused with sensual pleasure), is made out of light and luminous images. It's energetic components are described the solar and lunar flows, which create nadis, channels of light, rivers and their tributories of energy and information, and vortices of energy, known as chakras.
The essence, which is independent of the person realising it, is the eternally present, impersonal abstract principle that embodies the Truth behind everything. The embodiment of this Truth that emerges as the first body or the causal body. It is the deep, formless states of consciousness as it comes out of Presence, into Spirit, moves into soul, into mind, into body, into matter. It is the subtlest or finest of all bodies and the original body that is manifested in the universe. The causl body causes the subtle body, and the subtle body causes the gross body.
In (Mahayana) Buddhism these three bodies (tri kaya) are called:
Nirmana kaya, the manifestation body
Sambhoga kaya, the enjoyment body, and 
Dharma kaya, the Truth body.


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