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Yoga Motivation

7 Jan 2012   Shanti Gowans
The new year is a wonderful time to try something new. It is also a great time to return to something that once nourished you. We often receive calls from students asking if we 'offer classes for someone who has never done yoga before', or comments such as 'I used to practice before I had children, but I haven't practised for over 20 years'. The answer is 'yes'. We offer many classes suitable for beginners and those returning to yoga practice.
I encourage new students to be open minded and to disallow yourself from being discouraged by the photos you see of yogis looking like human pretzels. One of the wonderful things about yoga is that it's for all bodies, all shapes, all sizes. Yoga is all about being beneficial for the health of your mind, body and your energy, and what feels right for you. It's more than a quick fix. Those of us who practice yoga as a life path have been blessed by so many gifts that yoga has to offer in life by its authentic practice. It is my goal and the goal of the teachers at our Shanti yoga centre to share this gift with you. The practice is gentle, safe, healing and spiritually enriching. You will overcome problems with procrastination, fear, lack of confidence. Finding a very clean, heart centred niche your mind will get stronger, and you will feel more stable and happy in your life and in return, make a bigger impact in the world.
For your first class all you need is an open mind and comfortable clothing and we provide
the rest. The centre has mats and other yoga accessories should you need to use them. If you are unsure about what classes are suitable or have any other questions, please feel free to call 55310511 or email us.
Yyoga is not about standing on your head; it is about standing on your own two feet.' This understanding further illustrates how yoga is about so many other things than simply the postures. Come in and attend a class and see for yourself. 
Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I would rather see you living in better conditions.



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