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If you, like many others are frustrated with the health care system right now, it is because it is not about wellness but about disease.

The truth is you know your body. You know if you are feeling less than you felt 5 or 10 years ago. You know some of it might be linked with stress and pressure, and how it affects how you feel in your heart and head. Your traditional doctor has been trained to see you as a set of organs or a series of “diseases” that needs pharmaceutical drugs to fix it. But when antidepressants or prescriptions drugs are not the health care you need, your doctor unfortunately has not been trained to provide you with the answers you have been searching for. You need to get to the root cause of your ‘off’ state and bring your health back.

Let us help you to take the reins into your own hands and heal at the core. We have seen remarkable turn arounds with our students and patients’' health. Commit to feeling your absolute best and stop settling for what those who have not been trained in wellbeing tell you to do symptomatically, and fix the issue at the root!  With easy, foundational practices such as Yoga breathing, Inner Peace Meditation, super gentle yoga stretching, mindful eating and Ayurvedic herbals and treatments you will start to take back your health and power.

It has been my honour and privilege to connect with you, and I look forward to further supporting your journey in times to come. Thank you for being part of our global community. Come and attend our Exceptional Wellbeing Programs

Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary

You have a unique mind-body constitution

Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old health system which combines with the latest scientific findings to form the basis for Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary medical practices, every person has a unique mind-body type, basic nature, or prakruti. Understanding your prakruti, and living in alignment with the combination of components, the doshas which make up your constitution, will set you on a path to effortless wellness. You will learn to live in accordance with your true nature, and practice authentic Ayurveda as per the Ayurvedic texts.

True health is more than the absence of disease

More is possible for your health than merely controlling a chronic disease or just getting through the day. It is possible to wake up energised and move through your day with focus, optimism, and peace. 

Personalised health care works better than a one-size-fits-all approach

Western medicine is just beginning to recognise what other traditional health systems have known for thousands of years. The diet, exercise and lifestyle practices that make you feel your best may be different from what works for your sister or best friend. Learn to live in a way that honors your unique makeup and that of your family. 

Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself

Learn how your body can recover from disease and heal itself by embodying the practices of Ayurveda, Healing Yoga and Meditation. Food, mood, attitudes, activity, relationships all contribute to living in balance.

You can improve your physical health by addressing mental health

Stress, anxiety and the state of your relationships can create mental and emotional challenges that contribute to your body’s ability to heal itself. You will learn practices for detoxifying your entire body-mind system at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary.

Yoga really does anybody good

You will experience Shanti Yoga’s gentle, accessible yoga style. Whether you have never ventured to your mat, or find yourself there every day, you will feel renewed and deeply rested after this wonderful practice. With Shanti Yoga’s healing practices, you will relieve lower back pain, soothe your sciatica, relieve tension in your neck and shoulders, relieve knee pain, carpel tunnel, strengthen your hips, knees and feet, improve your metabolism and enhance your overall health.

Eating healthy and taking great care of yourself can be pleasurable.

Ayurvedic philosophy teaches that living well should feel good. Since emotional and physical health are intertwined, experiences that raise your spiritual resonance, bring delight, make you laugh, and are otherwise pleasurable are high on the to-do list. 

Like-minded community is worth its weight in gold.

Making lifestyle changes is easier and more fun with the support of a community. The friendships created at Shanti Yoga events such as classes, community outings, meals together, retreats, travel and so on will support your health for many years to come.

The aging process is fluid and changeable. Your thoughts, choices and routines influence how well you age.

The clock may continue to roll forward, but this does not mean that you will inevitably experience unpleasant symptoms. The aging process is fluid and changeable and it is your opportunity to use your life experiences to grow, evolve and thrive. At Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, you will learn specific practices that will ensure that you look and feel great, at any age. 


Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary retreats are not like other retreats out there

Led by internationally-renowned guru and bestselling author Shanti Gowans, and her team, attendees at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary will receive a unique combination of ancient wisdom, sensory experiences, the latest practical health science, together with a good dose of delicious food, time for rejuvenation, and lots of fun. 

  • Small groups
  • Personal facilitation to support your personal transformation.
  • Group discussions
  • Daily relaxation, meditation and gentle yoga practice. Feel how it empowers your desired life transformation
  • Ongoing support

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Ayurveda cures naturally. Human beings are as unique as our fingerprints. This uniqueness has been explored and understood by Ayurveda which recommends individualisation in treatments. The wholistic approach of Ayurveda, which works simultaneously on body, mind and soul, allows patients to experience more precise and accurate results for various diseases. 

Ayurveda and Yoga provide complete and perennial knowledge about living life and creating balance between body, mind and soul.

- Focusing on specialised, traditional Ayurvedic therapies and treatments.

- Preventative Ayurvedic care and rejuvenation therapies with Ayurvedic medicines.

- Research and evidence based, scientifically and clinically proven..

- Suits all, irrespective of age and gender.

- Individual or twin-share accommodation with attached or shared bathrooms.

- First world amenities: neat and clean therapy rooms with all facilities for panchakarma treatments.

- Ayurvedic food, prepared under the guidance of a senior Ayurvedic practitioner.

- Yoga Hall for small group yoga practice under the guidance of a teacher.

- Free WiFi is available in the Retreat Sanctuary premises.

- Airport pick up and delivery will be extra.

Generally you need to stay with us for 14 to 21 days, after which you can follow up at home with
- Ayurvedic herbal medication, as prescribed
- Pranayama (guided practice on CD)
- Meditation
- Gentle yoga (practice with DVD). Medical research has shown that yoga can relieve back pain, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and help manage chronic disease symptoms.
which will help you on your path to wellness and happiness.

DESTRESS PACKAGE - Duration 14/21 days

Stress, the strenuousness and pace of life today, leads to our body being over taxed. Ayurveda handles these side effects in its own healthy and natural way by focusing on the impact of our mind on body and vice versa. This package includes various Rejuvenation therapies such as: Abhyangam Njavara Kizhi Sirodhara

- Accommodation in single/twin share room on full board basis
- Meals will be prepared as per ayurvedic diet (only vegetarian)
- 1 session of Yoga daily.
Earth (Basics, level 1)
Water (levels 1, 2)
Fire (levels 1,2,3 Surya Namaskar)
Air (Pranayama)
- 1 session of Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
- Treatments as prescribed


The toxins produced by the body because of constant incorrect metabolic activities damage body cells that results in aging.  This gets further accelerated by poor food habits, improper lifestyle, tension and stress of daily life. Our Rejuvenation Treatment will help you in toning your muscles, calm your mind and invigorate your body.

This package includes various Ayurvedic treatments as prescribed by the Ayurvedic professional. Packages are designed to specially care for your health and body conditions, based upon your consultation. Yoga sessions will be decided by the Yoga guru, depending upon your health condition.

Package includes:
- Accommodation in single/twin share room on full board basis
- Meals will be prepared as per ayurvedic diet (only vegetarian)
- Ayurvedic health consultation during the course of treatment
- 1 session of Ayurvedic therapy as prescribed by the Ayurvedic Consultant.
- Daily internal medicine during the course of the treatment

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - Duration 14/21 days

Excess accumulation of body fat can be an outcome of blocked channels, often arising from indulging in fatty food coupled with sedentary lifestyle. This can lead to hypertension, diabetes, irregular appetite and various other metabolic disorders. Special programs in our packages will help reduce excess fat and correct body’s irregular metabolism. With treatmenst such as • Abhyangam • Njavara Kizhi • Sirodhara • Yoga and pranayama • Udwarthana.

BEAUTY CARE - Duration 14/21 days

As per Ayurveda your beauty is more than skin deep.  It reflects your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Since the inception of human civilisation maintaining and caring of beauty has always been one of the first initiatives. Treatments can include • Mukha Abhyangam • Swedanam • Njavara Lepam • Ksheera Dhara • Medicated Lepam


ALZHEIMERS - Duration 14/21 days
The body ages naturally, and with the impact of age, the brain and nervous system starts drying up, which can lead to Alzheimer's disease. Life becomes challenging when you start forgetting everything because your brain is not able to keep you synchronised with present and past. While we cannot reverse ageing, we can slow it down, and if addressed early enough, a complete reversal of the conditon that is safe and side-effect free. Using the Ayurvedic concept of Rasayana to deeply nourish the body and mind, Ayurvedic treatments such as shirodhara, nasya and basti help in the process of removing toxins, restoring better conditions and replenishing the energy. Reseach based evidence shows that Ayurvedic medicines cross the blood-brain barrier to reacn the pathological site, directly thorugh the nasal route. The gut-brain axis is appropriately used to treat and manage the condition, because this is vata vyadhi, as per the Ayurvedic method of basti.


BACK PAIN TREATMENT - Duration 14/21 days

According to Ayurveda, pain is mainly caused because of vata dosha, and back pain is a result of poor, incompatible or unhealthy diet, incorrect exercise and poor posture, which in turn results in the lack of flexibility of the muscles, causing severe pain in the upper, middle or lower back. As the pain continues to aggravate, it tends to spread to both the sides of the waist as well as the hip. Now back pain will be associated with a number of reasons, such as spinal disc problems, ligament injuries, injuries from sprains, fractures or accidents, and pelvic inflammatory diseases are considered among the major ones.


BREATHE NATURALLY - Duration 14/21 days

Asthma inhalers are best to reduce the severity of the attack of asthma, but there is no promising cure of conditions such as Asthma in Western medicine. Don't live suffocated. Comprehensive Yoga and Ayurvedic panchakarma program to eradicate asthma, childhood asthma, chronic cough, COPD, respiratory allergies, sinusitis


CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS - Duration 14/21 days

A specific form of arthritis, which attacks vertebrae and connecting bony and ligament structures, is known as Spondylosis. Frequently it occurs in the cervical vertebrae. While the spines of a majority of people above the age of 50 years have a degree of osteo arthritic changes, most seldom cause acute symptoms. Certain precipitating factors such as trauma, incorrect posture of the body, pressure while sleeping and excessive intake of sour food usually precipitate these attacks.


HEADACHE and MIGRAINE RELIEF  - Duration 14/21 days

Ayurveda cures naturally. Headache cure is based on Ayurvedic diagnosis.  Ayurveda does not recommend suppressing signs and symptoms, and cures headaches from its roots, aiming for a complete cure of conditions such as cluster headaches, migraines, tension headaches, trigeminalneuralgia.


NECK STIFFNESS  - Duration 14/21 days

Stiffness of the neck or rigidity is a consequence OF aggravated Vata Dosha when lodged in the cervical region (neck). This is observed as a complication in many neurological and orthopedic disorders, such as mumps, cerebral haemorrhage, cervical dislocation, osteoarthritis of the neck joint, acute otitis media (ear infections) and so on, stiff neck is broadly explained as Manyastambha in Ayurveda.



According to Ayurveda all neuromuscular disorders come under a common heading called as Vata vyadhi. These neuromuscular disorders are various kinds of diseases that are caused because of aggravated Vata Dosha. Pakshaghata (paralysis), Avabahuka (frozen shoulder), Slipped disc, Grudhrasi (sciatica), Hyper or hypo movement of limbs, Muscular dystrophy all come under this category. There are many causative factors for these type of diseases and they can include excessive exercises, carrying excessive loads, old age, accidents, sedentary habits, improper diet that is diet which will vitiate vata dosha. Pain killers are just meant to supress the sensation of the pain. Ayurveda has a way to nourish the joints and tissues deeply, without causing side effects. 

Caring for your joints and muscles with safe Panchakarma therapies, Ayurveda restores joints and muscles naturally, so you have no more inflamed and aching joint and muscles, including gouty arthritis, osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy.


SKIN DISEASES - Duration 14/21 days

Skin is the seat of a sense organ. The senses of touch, pain, temperature, pressure are felt by it. It is a Matruj Avyava i.e. derived from mother or having maternal origin. It nurtures by giving external covering to the whole body.

As the skin is an upadhatu of the Raktadhatu (blood tissue), it is a mirror that reflects the qualities of the Raktadhatu and the Rasadhatu (body’s plasma tissue). Hence the common saying that ‘glowing skin is the result of good quality Rasa and Rakta’. Simply applying ointments, creams or taking medicines is never enough in skin diseases. You need to clean your blood properly to get rid of skin disease. Skin is healed by removing toxins from your blood. Comprehensive Ayurvedic Panchakarma Program to eradicate skin diseases such as acne/pimples, eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, vitiligo.












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