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Many people are feeling powerless against the forces that are denying and exacerbating climate change, but peer-reviewed research continues to show that switching to a plant-based diet has a massively smaller climate footprint, and requires far less energy and far fewer resources to produce.Nutrition and preventative choices are the foundation of good health. Eat your medicine. 


We can each make a meaningful difference for the planet and for animals by rejecting all animal exploitation and use. The power is in our hands, and the science is on our side. 


Every time you choose an organic, plant-powered meal, you make an important decision for good.

What you eat impacts your health, your animal friends on land and sea, as well as the Earth itself. Pure thought and pure action are fueled by pure food. 

Pure thought and pure action are about creating positive change by starting from the inside, with mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and pure food. 



Breakfast $7

Soup $7

Meal $12


Delicious food that is not full of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antobiotics and GMOs.


When we make discriminating choices about which foods to eat and what to give attention to during the eating process, our food sadhana can become a powerful and practical mechanism to increase our inner reserves of energy, boost our will power and expand our capacity for creativity.





Eating for Happiness

Food is the first happiness.

Food is medicine and medicine is food.


Eating well is not about deprivation. Shanti Yoga cooking is a gastronomic odyssey - a journey through the vibrant colours, spices and tastes of authentic Indian cuisine that nourisnes you fro the inside out. Whether sampling a dhal, exploring the impact of spicy ginger or trying basmati rice, you experience the soul of Indian food - the real flavours, ingredients and techniques that make up this tasty and fragrant cuisine. 



Did you know that what you eat and drink is the most vital part to anti-ageing equation, much more than the creams and topicals you use?


Home cooked prepared meals, 
as well as soups, breakfasts, and desserts.
Life happens. And, unfortunately, it often gets in the way of preparing a well-rounded, balanced meal for yourself. Whether you are leaving work late or just couldn't find the time to whip something up for the family or guests who are about to arrive, you need something in your freezer that you can pull out at the last minute. Shanti Yoga helps you to do just that, offering a range of caringly prepared, vegetarian, weight loss meals, especially created from clean, whole foods and the finest ingredients. Gourmet food at a fraction of the price! Ready to place in the freezer for the right time, or to simply heat and eat right then. 

Holistic approach to your wellbeing
Eat delicious and healthy meals
Manage your weight


NO contracts. NO joining fees. NO exit fees.
100% made in Australia.
  • Do you choose to be vegetarian? Have you come across Philip Wollen's animal rights speech re. meat off the menu? Wollen is a former VP of Citibank and Australian philanthropist who is known to keep out of the limelight. But, he does deliver a huge performance and a powerful message packed in just 10-minutes. Here's a link:

Philip Wollen, Australian Philanthropist, Former VP of Citibank, Makes Blazing Animal Rights Speech <



  • Do you come home tired from work, the gym etc. and eat ‘fast food’ because of hunger, exhaustion and not much else available?
  • Are you too busy for time-consuming food preparation, needed to cook balanced, healthy, tasty meals?
  • Are you frustrated with:
  • Feeling irritable and lacking in energy?
  • Fad diets?
  • Bland, tasteless food?
  • The regimentation of attending classes and weigh-ins?
  • Do you spend valuable time shopping for food, doing the dishes?
  • Would you rather have a balanced, tasty and healthy meal that is vegetarian?
Now you can SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY and have a healthy, nutritionally balanced tasty meal with a difference. These meals will play a vital role in the education towards healthy eating.


low salt, low fat, NO preservatives – that still tastes delicious

Yeast free

No animal products – no diary, no eggs.


No added sugar

No preservatives

No artificial colorings

No artificial flavourings

Clean, whole foods and natural ingredients

Organic produce wherever possible

Chemical and pesticide free wherever possible

Salt reduced

Cooked in stainless steel

Rotation of grains, seeds, pulses

Deliciously tasty

Caringly prepared

Portion controlled

Real food

Meal is comprised of a vegetable dish, a lentil dish (dhal) and rice.
Vegetables are chosen for their freshness and according to what is in season.
The beans, legumes and vegetables are constantly varied, so there is a variety of different dishes.
Investment: Weight-loss individual lunch-box meal $12. Eat-in or take home. 
Pre-order and bulk buy: 10 frozen meals. $100  (normally $120, save $20)
Note: The price does not include delivery. 
Pick up individually packed, different, balanced, complete vegetarian meals from Shop 1, 126 Scarborough St, Southport.
• No contracts to sign • No shopping • No classes to attend • No cooking • No washing up

Store lunchbox in freezer. (Remember, no preservatives).

Heating instructions:

  • Microwave: Remove from container in frozen state to a suitable dish. Cover. Heat in microwave for 8 minutes. Enjoy. Can also be microwaved in the container it is purchased in. No need to defrost.
  • Oven: Pre-heat oven to 190º C. Remove from container to a oven safe dish. Heat for approx 20 minutes in a fan-forced over; about 10-15 minutes. Longer in a conventional oven.
  • Stovetop: Thaw and place in a suitable container. Place container with meal on top of a saucepan with boiling water. 10-15 mins.
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