Welcome to Bollywood Australia

Welcome to Bollywood Australia, the Gold Coast’s premier Indian dance studio.
Congratulations for taking a step into the beautiful world of dance. Rest assured you have come to the right place! At Bollywood Australia, we specialise in a fusion of classical and contemporary styles of Indian dance. Our purpose and desire is to spread the rich cultural and artistic heritage of India through the medium of dance. It's not about how well you dance - it's about having fun, making friends and exploring this wonderful, cultural art form. 
2017 Term Dates:
Bollywood choreographed dance 2017
$195 for 10 weeks or casual $35 session.
Free gift for term payment: complementary Yoga class Thurs 5:30-6:15pm
Term 1: 28 January - 25 March (9 weeks)
28 Jan. 4,11,18, 25 Feb. 4,11,18,25 March
Sat 11:15am-12 noon
Term 2: 20 April - 22 June (10 weeks)
April 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22
Thursdays 6:30-7:15pm
Term 3: 13 July - 14 September (10 weeks)
July 13, 20, 27, August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, September 7, 14
Thursdays 6:30-7:15pm
Term 4: 5 October - 7 December (10 weeks)
October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, December 7
Thursdays 6:30-7:15pm
Bharat Natyam- Classical Indian dance. Children welcome.  
Learn the oldest and most popular classical dance form of India. Get exposed to the exotic culture of India through the medium of dance. Following on from the invocation (bhumi pranam), there is a basic vocabulary and organisation of movements in dance that serves as a learning tool to facilitates daily practice in order to build stamina, control, balance and proficiency. Eyes, head, neck, single hand gestures (asanjukta hastas), both hand gestures (sanjukta hastas), the positions and movements of the arms, body, torso, feet and basic steps provide a robust grounding towards the eventual execution of the dance technique and art. These elements are woven into a moving poem as the dancer learns to fuse bhakti (devotion) with shakti (energy) to evoke a display of grace and power that will spellbound the audience and entrance heart, mind and soul. The repertoire and spectrum of material is massive, well able to take the learner from an absolute beginner to an accomplished dancer. 
Thurs 5:30-6:15pm   Yoga Stretch and Tone
Enjoy a gentle and relaxing yoga class that will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated. 
THurs 6:30-7:15pm    Bollywood dance
Bollywood Dance, musically rooted in India’s film industry, is hands-down one of the most infectious styles of Indian dance. It's a fun, dramatic, highly expressive, captivating art form that sculpts the whole body, slims the waist and ignites the passion


1 session, casual payment $35
Term payment $195
(Note: tickets are interchangeable for yoga and meditation classes but cannot be extended beyond the dance term)

Free Gift

Children's Yoga is free to all term-payment participants
(Note: children's yoga is on Wednesdays at 4.00-4.45pm) 

General Info

Children and adults welcome to attend 

No previous experience required   

Fully air-conditioned studio


Natural timber floorboards


Bollywood Australia dancers with the one and only, India's no. 1 choreographer 'Shaimak Davar' (he's the gorgeous tall, dark, handsome man in the blue shirt) in Shamak's studio, Mumbai, 12 April 2013.
Thank you to Shaimak, Aarush and Shruti for the best ever Bollywood workshop. Mumbai April 2013.  


Dancing changed my life. I used to sit home feeling sorry for myself and now I have lots of friends and I'm out of the housing dancing and performing!
Dancing for two hours sure beats sweating on the stairmaster at the gym!
What a great, fun activity. I wish I'd found Bolllywood dancing years ago!
Come and dance with us and find out why we love it.
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Mumbai April 2014

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