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Just learn the Truth. Approach a guru with humility. Inquire from them submissively and render service. The self-realised can impart transcendental knowledge for they have seen reality.
                                                                                                                          Bhagavad Gita 4:34


Shanti Yoga is the flagship product of Health Institute Australasia.  In addition to Yoga classes, Health Institute Australasia  offers a range of diverse courses. These include vocational Yoga Teacher Training, Ayurveda Practitioner Training, English, and many short courses.


Health Institute Australasia has been gtraining students in these modalities since 1972. 


Please visit our website, www.healthinstitute.edu.au to view or enrol in the courses we offer, including:-

The Awakening Course

Yoga for Life. 600 hours. 1 year $7000

The Teaching Course. 

Yoga Teacher Training and Life Skills. 1200 hours 2 years 

The Leadership Course. 

Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teaching and Leadership Training. 1800 hours. 3 years 

Correspondence Course

Yoga Teacher Training 


Yoga is the most complete form of mental, physical and spiritual activity. This three-tiered program of in-depth study, marrying ancient wisdom and modern science, is designed to stimulate and stretch your mind, multiply your skill-sets, provide you with advanced training tools, and set you on your path to becoming amongst the top professionals in the field of yoga. This holistic, integrated approach to training ensures optimal results, further enhancing your vocation and is beneficial to you in the following ways:
At a basic level
It gives you a structured systematic system of exploring and emphasising 8 powerful skills to deal with different situations in life and emerge successfully in every situation.
At an informative level
It gives you more knowledge and information about the history and philosophy of Yoga and Vedanta that is rooted in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Brahma Sutra, the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras. Also covered are the physical anatomy and physiology of the human body, together with its equivalent psychic anatomy.
At an applicable level
This program teaches you how to live life, with powerful practices that are applicable to infinite life situations, minimise stress and lethargy and maximise peacefulness and bliss. You master physically and through teaching, gentle Shanti yoga classes and Shanti Yoga sequences, yoga breathing and deep relaxation.
At a much advanced, spiritual level
This training opens your eyes up to the Ultimate Truth, after which there is no looking back. The knowledge of Self breaks all your myths about who you think you are, and you experience the Truth about who you really are. You will be able to move beyond emotional imbalance, anger and misery once you have completely understood the Truth. There is nothing ambiguous about yoga. It answers all the questions of life. 
Ancient wisdom together with modern science
Yoga's changing role in society has integrated spirituality and medicine to effectively aligns these worlds, bringing the mind-body practice of yoga into a realm that overlaps healthcare. This practice leaves you feeling elated and relaxed rather than exhausted, and delivers a sense of wellbeing and balance which is so beneficial in dealing with the stresses of the modern world. A deeper understanding of the healing properties of yoga, in terms of the psycho-physiological underpinning of its curative effects provides a part in the care of clinically ill patients. 
Shanti Yoga is a study of the grounded, humble and gentle stages of one's journey through life. In the introductory level, one trains to overcome arrogance (which is the primary obstacle to learning) by simply being present. In the next stage, progress focuses on cultivating sharp, vibrant and uplifted energy through natural discipline.
Overcoming the traps of judgement and doubt, the progressing student is able to accomplish his or her activities with a sense of nobility and ease, which is demonstrable through the movements of body, breath and mind. The Shanti Yoga Yoga Teacher Training Course is a vocational course and needs the time to equip you with the skills and personal wisdom required to set you up in a yogic path that develops vision, integrity, clarity and service in a life career. Hence the training is holistic and detailed and involves making sure that learning is thorough and unhurried. Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training allows you to explore the application of Yoga, teaching in various environments and circumstances. 
Fee Help
Please note that HIA is not a non-profit, has no endowment fund and receives no federal or state funding for its programs. However, candidates may be eligible for payment plans from the college.
The Institute comes to you - Distant Learning. Correspondence Courses
Yoga for Life is foundation practice in a learner’s journey. In this course package, Health Institute Australasia provides distance ed students with the following practicum and learning aids:
- 1 x Beginners Shanti Yoga DVD
- 2 x yoga practice CDs by Shanti Gowans, namely • Hatha Yoga  •Yoga for Health and Fitness
- 1 x Pranayama and Mindful breathing practice CD by Shanti Gowans, namely: Breathe for Health
- 1 x Nidra practice CD by Shanti Gowans, namely: Samadhi.
- 1 x Practice Journal
- 12 x Course Manuals
You will need to document your practice in the journal provided and have the oppotunity to attend tutorials by skype for the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the course, or simply study the notes provided on line, and by hardcopy by yourself, and email your homework.
To provide our students with the most immersive learning experience, we conduct practical assessment workshops for Yoga Teacher Training at facilities throughout the country. 

In order to achieve certification, you must, to our satisfaction, complete and submit all pre-training homework assignments, attend every session of the contact hours during the actual face-to-face immersion program and residential retreats, achieve competency in both written and oral exams conducted during your training, complete all assignments given during training and complete and submit all supporting documentation and reading and writing assignments relating to post-training internship. Please note that during the course of your study, you will be expected to begin shifting to the norms and etiquette of traditional and classical yoga, especially in relation to non- smoking, drugs, alcohol, wholesome yoga-ayurvedic diet, language, behaviour and lifestyle. An ernest desire to help spread the teachings of Shanti Gowans, being connected to the larger Shanti yoga community, and the applicant's sincere desire to beceome a Certified Yoga Instructor are all noble reasons, worthy of yoga lifestyle modifications.

The Shanti Yoga Teacher Training Course is a wonderful way to start a new career in health care as well as for personal growth and development. 
For information regarding the courses, workshops, teacher training immersions, topics covered and clinics offered, please visit the revelant areas of this website and Health Institute Australia's website.


Learn how your body works
Health is the most valuable asset you have. 
- Empower yourself by learning how your body works and how to stay healthy. 
- Discover how to interpret the signs and symptoms your body is giving you.
Combined personal and professional development
- Study with Health Institute Australasia for a fresh perspective on the wisdom practice of natural health and wellbeing that balance your mind, body and spirit, for wealth, health and happiness. 
- Empower your passion for improving people’s health. 
- Build the knowledge and skills to open your own clinic.
Personal learning experience
At Health Institute Australasia (HIA) you learn with real teachers, in real time. You won’t feel like a number. With small, teacher-to-student ratios, at HIA you can connect with your teachers and fellow students. This offers you a more personal, rich and rewarding, learning experience
Study-Life-Work Balance
We know that most of our students lead busy lives with many competing demands on their time.  This is why HIA offers tools that enhance Study-Life-Work balance that includes the guided practice of yoga, deep conscious relaxation and meditation. 
Blended learning
Fit study around your lifestyle, with our flexible, blended learning that allows you to get the most out of your study and your current life. Although correspondence courses are self-study, this does not mean that you will be on your own when you join. You will be assigned a personal coach, one of our in-house mentors who has been trained through our delivery, and are experts in their respective fields, with the possibility of monthly 30 minutes of all your Q&A on skyle. 
Ayurvedic Lifestlye and Wellness Consultant

This qualification will teach you how to design personalised Ayurvedic programs for your clients, develop your clinical and leadership skills, advance your knowledge of herbs, nutritional medicine and Ayurvedic treatments, provide you the information to confidently handle patients and improve your professional development.


Also available is the Ayurveda Healing Practitioner Training.


There are 13 units of competency for the Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant , as listed below. We teach the core ayurvedic units of competency in modules and embedd the common units into these, so that they are contextualised. 

CHCCOM006 Establish and manage client relationships
CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance
CHCPRP003  Reflect on and improve own professional practice

HLTAAP002 Confirm physical health status
HLTAID003  Provide first aid
HLTINF004   Manage the control of infection
HLTWHS004  Manage work health and safety
HLTAYV001  Develop Ayurvedic practice
HLTAYV002  Make Ayurvedic lifestyle assessments
HLTAYV003  Provide Ayurvedic bodywork therapies
HLTAYV004  Provide Ayurvedic lifestyle advice
HLTAYV005  Provide advice on Ayurvedic nutrition
The fee for Ayurvedic Lifestyleand Wellness Consultant is $15,000.
There are two intakes a year. The next intake for the course will commence on 29th January 2019 and be completed by 13 December 2019. 


LIVING ENGLISH, Education for Life

Listening skills

Writing Skills

Reading skills

Speaking skills




Living English: Education for Life 

“More than just an English course”


Whilst enjoying everything that the Gold Coast life-style has to offer, you can attend English classes with us in our beautiful oasis of peace at our Shanti Yoga Centre in Southport. Our general English course will cover everything you need to improve your English to an excellent standard for daily life in an English-speaking country, or for work and business. The difference between our course and other English courses is that we also incorporate yoga, drama, music and life skills into our lessons. You will grow in many ways and meet many like-minded friends and enjoy the experience of a life-time!


MONDAY 9am-4pm. 6 hours (Core English 2 hours)

9:15-10:30am  Mindfulness & Yoga Breathing (pranayama). 

10:30-12:30pm Core English (2 hours)

12:30-1:15 Lunch Break

1:15-2:00pm Mind-body-health Dscussion (:45min)

2:00-4:00pm Movie  (2 hours)

TUESDAY 9.30am-3:15pm. 5 hours (Core English 4 hours)

9.30am-12.30 Core English (3 hours)

12.30-1.30pm Deep relaxation (1 hour)

1:30-2:15pm  Lunch Break

2:15-3:15 Core English (1 hour)

THURSDAY 9:30am-4.30pm. 6 hours (Core English  5 hours)

9.30-12.30 Core English  (3 hours)

12.30-1.30 Relaxation and Meditation (1 hour)

1:30-2:15pm  Lunch Break

2.30-4.30pm Core English  (2 hours)

FRIDAY 9AM- 1.15PM. 4 hours (Core English 3 hours)

9.15-10.10 Yoga Stretch and Tone  (1 hour)

10.15-1.15 Core English. (3 hours) 


Course Duration: 1- 12 weeks (you choose how many weeks)

Holidays • 6-22 Apr  • 29 Jun-14 Jul • 21 Sept-7 Oct •14 Dec



$ 290 per week




Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process, and therefore must be conducted following the principles of assessment, and the evidence collected meet the rules of evidence.




Take your life to the next level. We want you to be successful.

                                                                                                Shanti Gowans

I have spend over four decades teaching in the specialised fields of Yoga and Ayurveda in Australia, deconstructing, breaking the work down into its essential parts, reordering it and then designing it into modules with exercises to teach the most important elements in the right order,  We have used our years of experience in education, training and transformation to design the material, structure it with great care and detail, and deliver remarkable tools, techniques and insights that make our courses the best available. They are content rich and provide you with more than a superficial introduction to this transformative work. Our text books and audio recordings are perfect supplements to the core trainings of the courses. These are not 'bonuses' in the marketing sense, they are authentic optimisations which are awesome, and offer a robust training if you beleive that you still ahve much to learn, practice, grow and teach. I hope you can join us on this life changing journey. 


We wish you all success in your studies, your interest in full self actualising and employing Health Institute Australia’s courses as a tool to grow, develop and reach your full potential. With these aims you must surely succeed in your aspirations to make a difference in your own and other people’s lives.

Our track record is impeccable. Health Institute Australasia welcomes you to join us in celebrating and deepening the commitment to a renewal of humanity, health and wellbeing. Let us use this unique opportunity to begin a great and momentous turning. 
Shanti Gowans
Shanti Yoga
Health Institute Australasia


About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

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