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  • Become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

    Guide people into natural health.

    The Health Institute School of Ayurveda offers rich resources to help you move in step with the universe. Ayurveda teaches us the importance of linking to nature’s cues and aligning with the rhythms of the seasons.

    Let this spring inspire you to plant your own seeds for your future. If you’re in a place of change and are thinking about a new career or direction, and if the idea of creating a healthy life and community inspires you, you might consider becoming an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.
    Studying Ayurveda is an increasingly attractive proposition, given the growing acceptance of natural therapies by mainstream society and the medical profession.
    The Health Institute offers unique training for those who are drawn to holistic health and well being. Our program brings together the world’s finest disciplines into an immersion learning, small-class format. Our teachers combine the wisdom of this ancient science with its modern applications for today’s health challenges. Become a part of the growing field of preventive medicine with the original mind-body system, Ayurveda.
  • Foundations of Ayurvedic medicine. Fundamentals & History (AVAT, AYPHIL)

    Overview and introduction to the unchanging nature of Ayurvedic science, with an experiential understanding of its utility as a healing science. 

    You will explore:
    a. The science (veda) of life (ayur)
    b. Origins and history (ithias) of Ayurveda and the philosophies of India
    c. Evolution of Ayurveda (avataran)
    d. Philosophy of Ayurveda  
  • Bend your back in this back bending course.

Shanti Yoga Courses

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